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Wilderness Walk: Bashing the Blue Jackets Edition

The Wild came back to spoil John Tortorella's first game as Columbus' coach.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

As you read in yesterday's Walk, Todd Richards was fired by the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Blue Jackets were a team that came into the season with playoff aspirations, but got mired in an unbelievable slump that stemmed from poor goaltending. There's still time to turn it around in Columbus, but their odds are fading fast.

Sound familiar?

This was the precise scenario that Minnesota found themselves in for the last two seasons with Mike Yeo. As you know, the Wild solved their most recent slump by trading to solve their weakness in net- a decision that catapulted them into the playoffs and spared Yeo's job.

So why was Richards fired?

Two reasons. For one, as Elliotte Friedman noted in his most recent 30 Thoughts column, teams just don't make trades this early. Even if there was a Devan Dubnyk-type savior out there for Columbus, no team is going to move that guy three weeks into the season.

But the other big difference between 2014 Mike Yeo and 2015 Todd Richards is the relationship between General Manager and Coach. Chuck Fletcher stuck his neck out when he hired Yeo over more established candidates in the summer of 2011, particularly off the heels of firing another rookie coach in Richards. This has been beneficial to Yeo, as firing him would put a microscope on Fletcher's decision to hire two (would-be failed) rookie coaches. Even if you think that it's been a wise decision to stick with Yeo every time he's been on the hot seat (and I would agree with that notion), you have to at least acknowledge that the Wild have done so partially to avoid having egg on Fletcher's face.

This was not the case with Richards and Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekäläinen. Richards took over behind the Blue Jackets bench before Kekäläinen took over, so he didn't get the "He's my guy!" benefit of the doubt. Kekäläinen gets to bring in a new guy without anyone second-guessing his ability to hire coaches, and gets a bit of a reset button three weeks into a disastrous season.

This has gone on long enough, so, please go on and enjoy the Walk. Took some night time cold medicine, so I'd imagine I'll see you (much) later today.

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Anyway, if you bother to look at any stat other than "Goals", you'll find that Pominville is second on the team in shots (both total, and per-minute). And while some will accuse him of firing ineffective shots from the perimeter, Pominville's actually second on the team in high-danger scoring chances. Apart from picking up the puck and chucking it behind opposing goalies, I don't know what more he can do to score. Goals are coming, and 6 games probably isn't enough to start burying a guy. Let's hope he starts getting on the board and making people look foolish.

TL:DR, the only thing you can take from this article is that Pominville probably isn't a great quote.

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