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Spooky Wilderness Halloween Thread!

Show us your best Halloween Costume, pumpkin, or any other Halloween decoration!

These Gorillas have the scariest costume of all: Habs fans.
These Gorillas have the scariest costume of all: Habs fans.
Derek Leung/Getty Images

There's no getting around this: Halloween is awesome. You can do anything, and it's going to better if it's on Halloween. You don't want to go to your job, except if you can work hard to out-do everyone else's costume. You don't want to be around your kids, but you know what? It's fun to go around trick-or-treating with kids in cool costumes (probably because they're pretending to not be your kids).You may not wawnt to sit through a boring wedding reception, but nothing makes being the best man at a wedding more tolerable than being able to do it while dressed as Dumbledore.

You know what else is improved by Halloween? Hockey. We know that you're going to be cheering on the Wild tonight. We know you'll be all dressed up while watching the opening face-off. We know that your ears will be completely focused on the TV tonight, even as you diligently search your candy bowl for the worst piece of candy to give to that 16-year-old who's still trick-or-treating. And we know you'll be recoiling in horror when Vladimir Terrorsenko inevitably scores on the Wild tonight.

Seeing as even the great sport of hockey is improved by Halloween, we want to see how you'll be celebrating today! Use the comments section to leave us a picture of your costumes, or a pumpkin, or any other sort of decorations you want to show off tonight- and that goes double if they're Wild-related!

Just remember, we are (sometimes) a family-friendly site, so make sure you don't post anything too scary, like a Martin Skoula costume.