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Hockey Wilderness Wants YOU!

We make a formal invitation for you to join in the fun and the discussion here at Hockey Wilderness.

TFW you're excited to finally meet all your Lurkers.
TFW you're excited to finally meet all your Lurkers.
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Hi, there!

You've probably been here before. Maybe you read Hockey Wilderness every day. Or maybe you only stop by when the Wild make a big move, or when one of our articles catches your eye on Facebook.

We don't know your name, but know you. You're a Lurker. And if you really want to stay that way, that's fine. Really, we don't take it personally. We love that you take time to visit us, read our work, and keep coming back.

But you know something, my Lurking friends? We'd love it even more if you decided to join in on the conversation with us.

Since it's the dawning of a new season, there's no better time for you to join our community. Register an account with us, and you'll be able to share your thoughts, make new friends, post GIFs in our Game Threads, and generally have a blast. Our readers and writers are a fun group of people who are as passionate about the Wild as you are, and we know that you'll fit in and have a great time talking about our favorite team throughout the year.

By the way, let me give a much-deserved shoutout to our regular commenters. You are all incredible, and bring a lot of insight and laughs to the table. You are the exception to the Internet's oldest rule: Don't Read The Comments. This is insanely hard for any comments section to do, and please know that we don't take that for granted.

If you've been adding your perspective throughout the summer, thanks very much for that. If you've been in hibernation mode this offseason (and with as boring as it was from a Wild standpoint, no one could blame you), it's time to come back! Either way, you can still help us enrich our community by letting your friends know about us and getting them to join Hockey Wilderness.

We're excited beyond belief to get to know you all. Hope to see you during the game tonight, and throughout what should be a great and compelling Wild season.

-Tony and the Hockey Wilderness Staff