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Wilderness Walk: Seven Defensemen Edition

Well. That sure was a thing.

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Last night the Wild played the Stars, and lost in OT. Fortunately my stream cut out before that started. Losing is bad, but that is not what I want to talk about.

I want to talk about how the Wild decided to dress seven defensemen. With Scandella back in the fold they had a choice between scratching Nate Prosser and Christian Folin — a choice Mike Yeo apparently did not want to make. Now, it's really easy (and true!) to say that Prosser is bad at hockey and should have been scratched. But really, if he's playing with Scandella he mostly isn't an active liability. Which okay, that's damning him with faint praise, but I would have been okay with Nate Prosser staying in the lineup. Not happy, but okay. I would have been happier with Scandella-Folin, and seeing Brett Bulmer's season debut, but going with seven defensemen was just silly.

The reasons offered as justification didn't hold up very well. Worrying about Scandella getting back in a game after a week away and no practice first — um. Not a concern? Last year they put him right back into the lineup after coming back from a concussion without a practice first and it was fine. Wanting to keep together a group that had been winning? Whatever they're doing is already changing the makeup of the third pair, and really the defense as a whole. It's just baffling.

At the end of the night Ryan Suter had played thirty-three minutes and eleven seconds. Spurgeon played almost twenty-five minutes. No one else got to twenty. Nate Prosser played two minutes and thirty-five seconds, all of it shorthanded. What the hell?

Are those two and a half minutes of Nate Prosser really worth the possibility of having four lines? Even if the fourth is mostly non-functional, and features two and a half minutes of Brett Bulmer, wouldn't that be better? Or at least make more sense? Parise is out for at least two more games, it would be nice to play twelve forwards for those games. They need to find out what they have with Bulmer, or call up Keranen. There is no reason why they should dress seven defensemen and play Nate Prosser for two and half minutes. That's an absurd decision. It isn't why they lost, but it's a bad choice, and they need to figure something else out.

Okay. That was my rant about seven defensemen. Sorrry. Moving on to the song of the day, we're skipping the musical theater in favor of some weird music from Montreal, in honor of Marco Scandella's return and lovely goal. Post-rap hallelujah.

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