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Wild Fall to Perds on Controversial 3rd Goal

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The Wild lost in controversial fashion despite a pair of power play goals from the blue line.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Wild came into the game perfect on home ice. They played the Nashville Predators, who have been on fire this season, given their impressive forward corps, elite blue line, and Pekka Rinne (AKA: Destroyer of Dreams).

The big story of the game is, of course, the loss of Zach Parise. In the first period, Parise took a hard hit to the back of the torso and back of the knee from James Neal. Parise left injured, returned for part of the first, but would leave permanently with just a few minutes left in the first period.

First Period

The first period was very back-and-forth, with neither team finishing their chances. Dubnyk foreshadowed the end of the game just 10 seconds in, when he let a shot flutter through his 5-hole and dribble towards the net. The Predators would have had a goal, but Jared Spurgeon was on his game and cleared the puck off the line.

The only other major event was Parise's injury, which can be seen below. After the game, it was reported that Parise was working out, so perhaps the injury is not as bad as it looked (or we feared).

Regardless, the first period ended 0-0, and the teams moved on to the second.

Second Period

The Second Period saw the Wild dominate play pretty well, and they pulled away in terms of shot attempts. Despite this, it would be a Fisher goal to put the visitors up 1-0. The lead would not last long, as the Wild went on the Power Play, and Scandella scored to tie the game (after taking Parise's spot in the slot on PP1).

The Wild would continue to dominate play, earn odd-man rushes, good looks at goal, but between their inability to find open nets and Rinne's ability to find the puck, the period would end 1-1.

Third Period

The third period began how the first started for teams facing the Wild: the Predators scored off of a deflection just 12 seconds in. With play more back-and-forth than the second, with both teams earning good zone time, neither could score another goal. Until, that is, Nashville was called for another penalty. Dumba was given a chance to show off his snapshot, and he did not disappoint, blasting the effort into net and tying the game.

As the period continued, the game began tilting back towards the Wild's net, with the Predators controlling more and more of the play. This would pay off when a snapshot was stopped by Dubnyk, but he dropped the puck (and the refs held their whistle) and the Predators put the rebound home.

Whistle "speed" was inconsistent thought the game, but that is relatively normal in a game of hockey. The rule is to always, always, always play till the whistle, and the refs didn't. Dubnyk dropped the puck and the Predators scored. It's be wonderful to blame zebras (and there's an argument that the puck was "covered" by resting on Dubnyk's pads) but they didn't whistle and Dubnyk dropped the puck.


Hopefully Parise isn't injured. Pominville didn't score, but he had a number of great looks, and it's really just a matter of time. Jason Zucker had a few good looks (including a breakaway) but couldn't fool Rinne. It was a game in which the Wild outplayed their opponent, but were undone by questionable goaltending.

The Wild are back in action this weekend against Steven Stamkos and the Lightning, hopefully with a better result and Zach Parise.