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Wilderness Walk: Sweet Redemption

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The Wild extract revenge from the Vancouver team that beat them just three weeks ago at the X, and now they take on the New York Rangers with Jarret Stoll in tow.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was sure fun.  It's great to break out of an offensive slump in such a way, and a major confidence booster for a struggling power play.  The Wild will still need another game or two like that to get their season-long PP numbers looking better, but when your team scores 6 goals, it's a good day.  Before the season, some predicted that if some of the struggling vets returned to their career numbers from last season's performance, it would give the team a boost.  We've gotten some outside help at looking at a player who is still struggling as well as one who has definitely elevated his game this season.

Stats aficionado Carolyn Wilke (@Classlicity) of Two Bearded Ladies has done us the kind favor of taking a high-level look at the career trajectory of a couple of our savvy veterans.  I wanted to see if the narrative following Jason Pominville regarding a career tailspin held any weight and whether Ryan Suter was truly back after a tough season last year.  Carolyn did the heavy lifting and developed the following graphs:

The Mayor

As you can see here, Pominville continues to develop his ability to drive scoring chances for the team while he is on the ice, but has definitely taken a hit on the defensive side of the puck.  As Carolyn noted when she sent this our way, the Mayor appears to have been a victim of the system.  He still has work to do to get back to personal production, but is on the right path.

Ryan Suter continues to be the defensive stalwart he has always been, but has taken a huge jump into driving the offense this year.  It's safe to say that last year is firmly in the rear view and that Suter is experiencing a renaissance on offense.


Please check out Carolyn's work at Two Bearded Ladies and give her a follow on Twitter @Classlicity.

I'm in a Nero mood, so enjoy while we Walk:

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