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Wilderness Walk: Prospect Distraction Edition

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I don't want to think about the Wild, so here's some WJC news

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

If you watched the Wild game last night: I'm sorry. That was trash. Moving on.

This is day two of the WJC tournament. The Wild have five prospects representing five different countries. I caught the USA/Canada game yesterday afternoon, where Louis Belpedio had the game wining goal for America, and looked pretty good all around.

My Christmas/Wild manicure is starting to chip, and I've been trying to decide what colors my nails should be next. I was thinking, maybe red white and blue to support team USA, but I'm not sure if I can rock that much patriotism. Then I realized that I could do one nail to represent each country that the Wild have a prospect from in the tournament, but that's a lot of colors and might clash. This is an important decision, and I'm generously leaving it up to you to decide by voting in the poll below.

Your Sunday song and dance number is from Brigadoon, a musical that scared me as a small child, though I don't remember why, or really, anything about it beyond the basic premise.

Wild News

Wild's Ryan Suter, Penguins' Phil Kessel prepare to face off - not for the first time - Awwwwwww.

NHL Insider: Dubnyk's arrival sparked Wild's run to playoffs in 2015 - Do you remember the past year?

Wild not rushing to extend contracts of Zucker, Dumba - Suuuuuuuuure.

Tending the Fields

Belpedio, Matthews lead U.S. over Canada at WJC - Recap of the USA win.

Here is a vine of Belpedio doing the dab after scoring his goal.

William Nylander Injured In Sweden's WJC Opener Joel Eriksson Ek played for Sweden, and also got injured, along with seemingly everyone. Apparently he bled enough that he had to change to a different jersey with another number in the middle of the game. Here's that hit if you're interested. (Warning for blood and grossness).

Off the Trail

Capitals hand struggling Canadiens 10th loss in 11 games | Yikes.

What's actually wrong with the Anaheim Ducks? (Trending Topics) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports Many things.

Scouts make Kopitar and Toews comparisons with Auston Matthews | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports WJC: when scouts say things like that.