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Wilderness Walk: Flame Day Edition

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There is a lot of hockey to go, folks.

Prosser gets #Prossered
Prosser gets #Prossered
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

While all of the events of 2 nights ago (Wild loss, CAL+LAK+WIN comeback wins) seem particularly heavy due to their impact on the standings, it seems hard to remember that it was only one game.    The team was going to lose at some point.  Yes, the Wild slipped to 10th in the standings behind the Kings by a point, but there are more important things at work here.  Following the All-Star break, the guys in Iron Range Red came out and played angry.  They were a team on the ropes playing like they had everything to lose.  They were leaving it all on the ice, and playing their brand of possession based hockey with smothering defense, and a netminder standing on his head.

Since the second night of their back-to-back games vs the Jets last Monday, it's been clear that the grueling schedule and high-emotion hockey were taking their toll.  The team regressed noticeably.  Neutral zone exits were lazy, passes weren't crisp and were turned over, they were being outshot.  The great Dubnyk outperformed the team and earned some points.  Now the Wild has to return to the crisp form we saw out of the break.  There were glimpses of the flat out dominance we haven't seen since games 1 & 2 against the Avalanche.

26 games remain on the schedule.  So much can happen when teams are as close together in the standings as they currently are in the Western Conference.  The most important thing for the Wild to do is to come out and prove their identity by playing their game.  If they can get their game back to the level it was at 2 weeks ago, they should make the playoffs, and they're not that far off.

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