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Wilderness Walk: First Time Edition

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Steve Alkok-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, as you may know from the article title this is my first time doing a Wilderness Walk. My hope is to have this up for everybody Saturday and Sunday morning in time for you to take the walk as you sip on your morning beverage. Over time, as I get used to posting to this site, I will try to add some more flavor to the posts. But you know what they say--before you can walk you have to crawl.

What a night for the Wild though! Regulation win plus a Calgary and Vancouver lose puts the Wild at 9th in the Wild Card standing. They are a point ahead of the Kings and a point behind the Sharks!

On to the Walk!

Wild News

Dubnyk earns fifth Wild shutout with 4-0 win in Edmonton | State of Hockey News
You could say the Wild didn't fall for the...*puts sunglasses on*...TRAP!

Dubnyk posts another shutout, WIld blank Edmonton 4-0 | Star Tribune
Russo's reaction to the game last night

Minnesota Wild dominate Oilers, continue climb up standings -
More reactions from the game last night

Good Thing Dubnyk isn't a Number One Goalie - The Copper & Blue
Not that I want to put salt on a wound but...I's Edmonton, right?

Off The Trail

Malcolm Subban yanked in NHL debut after 3 goals on 3 shots | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
So we aren't the only ones with goalie issues? At least our issues seemed to be saved for now...

Sharks nervous about life under stadium lights vs. Kings | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
You'd think they'd be more concerned with the direction their season is headed...

John MacKinnon: Oilers GM Craig MacTavish: ‘We’re staying the course’
I'm glad Edmonton is committed to staying in the basement of the Western Conference. I don't know what we would do without them there.