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Wilderness Walk: Game Day Edition

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The Wild are back at it after a day off this time playing the Dallas Stars back at home after a 3-game road trip.The Wild are coming off a recent hot streak of 8-1-1 over its last 10 games. The game starts at 7 p.m. and be sure to check back here a bit before that for the gameday thread!

Wild News

Dubnyk gets 6th shutout of season as Wild beat Oilers 4-0 - Yahoo Sports
Doobie has had 9 shutouts in 192 games in his career before coming to the Wild. It has taken him 16 games to get 5 shutouts with the Wild. Let that sink in a bit. How long can/will it last?

Mike Doyle's Five Takeaways vs. Edmonton - Minnesota Wild | Features
NHL re-branded Corsi and Fenwick. Nerds cried everywhere.

NHL Three Stars: Dubnyk blanks Oilers; Avs topple Blackhawks | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Another game and another star for our season savior.

NHL Insider: Many readers want clarity on Wild's goaltending situation | Star Tribune
Q&A with the STrib.

Wild Minute: Wild is so, so close to top-eight | Star Tribune
Multi-talented Russo not only writes but he also does video and audio!

Tending The Fields

Iowa Wild Lose Seventh In A Row
Is this reason enough to not want General Manager Chuck Fletcher trade away a 1st or 2nd Round draft pick on a rental this season? The cupboard is pretty empty...

Off The Trail

NHL takes next step in analytics evolution - Yahoo Sports
The NHL doing what it does best and that's staying ahead of the times.

Julius Hudacek, Orebro teammates celebrate win with 'YMCA' dance (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
This is what Skating  with the Stars should have been more like.

Mike Eruzione, Miracle teammates remember Bob Suter, recall 1980 memories | ProHockeyTalk
Miracle on Ice reunion tomorrow at noon. Before that though, take a walk down memory lane along with paying tribute to Bob Suter--father of our own Ryan Suter.

Enemy News

Make sure to check out SB Nation's own Defending Big D for all your Norm Green (SUCKS!) and Dallas Stars needs.