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Wilderness Walk: Chanting "6" Edition

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It took some time to find that first goal last night, but whence they did, the floodgates opened for the Wild.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Wild waited till the 3rd period to start punching pucks past Jhonas Enroth of the Dallas Stars, but they certainly made up for lost time when they finally did. Holy smokes! With 6 goals piled high in the 3rd period for the Wild, they took what was a slightly slow rolling game into a full blown explosion of a fireworks shop. In fact, according the the NBC crew last night, the Wild faithful at the X were even chanting "6" throughout the 3rd period! That's completely new to me. I've heard the "Sieve" chant a bunch, but 6? We hadn't even scored 6 goals at that point yet. In conclusion, NBC crew, you be dumb!

so stupid

So the night ended with a bang, and even some great news for your favorite team as we walk into this day. The Wild pushed their way back into the playoff picture folks, and may I present to you that picture!

wildcard standing 2-23-2015

Would you look at that folks. The Wild are officially 7th in the West, which is still just good enough for the 2nd wild card spot because of the Pacific Division having to field at least 3 teams. We are just 2 points behind the Winnipeg Jets with 2 fewer games played. Look a little further up the standings, and I was almost surprised to see the Wild are just 6 points behind the Chicago Blackhawks now with 1 fewer game played. With just 23 games left for the Wild, anything is possible, who knows where they might end the season.

Lets not get too far ahead of ourselves though. Looking below us in the standings we have the Calgary Flames even in games played and just 1 point behind us. The San Jose Sharks are still hanging around as well and with the Dallas Stars and Colorado Avalanche clinging to hope, anything is certainly possible. It's not just about what's above us anymore, but what is below us in a very fluid Western Conference playoff race.

If the playoffs started today, we'd draw the Nashville Predators who have, as rumor has it, been quite the formidable opponent this season. The standings aren't going to do much changing today with just 4 teams in action and none of them matter much in the Wild's hopes for the post season. We've got the Arizona Coyotes at the New Jersey Devils and the late game is the Detroit Red Wings at the Anaheim Mighty Ducks.

Today's music is brought to you by, kids! Kids with one very cool music teacher!

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