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Goals Gone Wild: Minnesota's Top Goals of the Week

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The Minnesota Wild have played. Now you must vote. Here are the three best Minnesota Wild goals from this week. Check them out and let us know which one you think is the best of the best.

The Minnesota Wild had a successful week, scoring fifteen goals over the course of seven days.
The Minnesota Wild had a successful week, scoring fifteen goals over the course of seven days.
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a good week for the Minnesota Wild. In fact, it's been a good month for the Minnesota Wild, but this week in particular, because these boys got themselves back into a playoff spot after beating the Dallas Stars Sunday night.

The Wild also managed to score 15 goals in four games this week, which is quite impressive, especially for this team. Although I really shouldn't be so pessimistic about the Wild at this point. They're the hottest team in the NHL. We really have nothing to complain about anymore. We do, however, have three beautiful goals to choose from.

While you're viewing the three goals below, keep in mind they're being matched up against Mikko Koivu's over-time winner against Calgary. The captain barely beat out Matt Dumba's snipe with this goal:

Reigning Wildest Goal Scorer: Mikko Koivu vs. Calgary Flames

Now onto the goals from this week.

Goal Number One: Zach Parise vs. Jhonas Enroth

Zach Parise has been outstanding this month and this game against Dallas was no exception. Out of the six goals, Parise had two. This, in my opinion, was one of the best goals of the night, as well as one of the best of the week. Parise did all the work here, grabbing the puck from behind the net and passing it off to Christian Folin. Parise then raced across the ice in time to receive his pass back from Folin and pop the puck right behind Enroth. How nifty.

Goal Number Two: Mikael Granlund vs. Jhonas Enroth

There was no shortage of goals for the Minnesota Wild in this game, but Mikael Granlund's was one of the best. Granlund got a long pass from Nate Prosser, and then there was no stopping him. Granlund dodged some Stars and put it behind Enroth like it was a piece of cake.

Goal Number Three: Kyle Brodziak vs. Pekka Rinne

On Thursday night, the Minnesota Wild showed they aren't messing around by beating the Nashville Predators 4-2. The Preds are 26-4-1 at home, and the Wild somehow managed to defeat them.

This line of Kyle Brodziak, Justin Fontaine and Erik Haula was a huge reason for the win. Brodziak and Haula scored half of the goals in this game, but Brodziak's was without a doubt the best. This goal is just a rocket. I don't know what else to say about it. It's impressive and it was Kyle Brodziak that scored it, so that makes it even more impressive.

Well there you have it, Minnesota. Your team is back in the playoffs and they've also scored some impressive goals. Now let us know which one is the best.