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Wilderness Walk: Game Day Edition

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Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Today is a great day. Not because it's a Saturday. Not because today is the start of an upward trend in weather. Today is a good day because its game day for the Minnesota Wild and just not any old game--but a game against our hated rivals the Colorado Avalanche!

Tonight not only do we put our 3-0-0 record on the line against the Avalanche we also put our Not-Giving-Up-A-Goal-To-These-Buttclowns-During-The-2014/2015-Season on the line!!!!!

Last night was a relatively good night for those that are already looking at the standings. The Kings lost. The Flames lost. The Blackhawks lost and the Avalanche took Dallas too a shoutout last night!.

The Avalanche is coming off a back-to-back in which yesterday they played in Dallas against the Stars so I'm hoping they have dead leg. And gout. And scurvy.

Wild News

NHL Three Stars: Hammond robs Kings; Subban pads Habs' conference lead | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Another star for our star. Get it? Get it?!!?

Russo's Rants | Star Tribune
As the trade deadline approaches the Wild put a player on waivers to create roster space. Walk with Russo to find out who the Wild could potentially be targeting as a depth defenseman.

Stephane Veilleux Waived By Minnesota Wild
Another take on Veilleux being waived by Dustin Nelson from Gone Puck Wild.

Mike Doyle's Five Takeaways at Nashville - Minnesota Wild | Features
I'm not sure if these are takeaways or just random facts at this point.

Off the Trail

Golden Goal, 5 years later: Oral history of 2010 Vancouver Olympic hockey final | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Nice little write up about one of the best Gold medal games in Olympic hockey history.

2015 NHL deadline trade possibilities - NHL -
Kessel? Ok, that could probably happen. But Chara??!?!?!?!? - Flames will be as aggressive as they can: report - 2015 NHL Trade Deadline
Calgary looks to stoke the fire as we get closer to the NHL trade deadline

Kimmo Timonen sent to Blackhawks for draft picks | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
is keep its eye on the prize (get it? Hawk eye...)

Blackhawks aren’t done talking trades, will look to add another forward | ProHockeyTalk
And it looks like the Hawks aren't done yet now that Kane is out for around 12 weeks.

Logan Couture fined $5,000 for slew-footing (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Logan "Thug Life" Couture gets the max fine for his best Billy Zabka impersonation.

2015 NHL Trade Deadline buyers salary cap space, sellers bait - NHL -
Whatcha got? I got what you need!

Super 16: Los Angeles Kings' resurgence deeper than recent streak - Super 16: NHL Power Rankings
NHL's version of power rankings. Do the Wild make the cut?

Calgary Flames at New York Islanders - 02/27/2015
are nice enough to lose last night

Enemy News

If you want to catch either the gout or the scurvy...HEAD ON OVER TO MILE HIGH HOCKEY--For all your Avs needs.