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Wilderness Walk: Bow Down in Honor of Me Edition

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Aaron Holm

Good morning Wilderness! It's a very boring day for Minnesota Wild news, but who cares about that!? IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Another year older, another year wiser (that is very debatable), more grey in the hair than I had a year ago, while having less hair as well. It's a trip! So you get to put up with me, and my overly shameless self promotion that will be plastered all over the place. Like, take this plug for the Polar Plunge for starters.

That's right Wilderness, the rumors are true, and if you've paid attention to my signature line in the comments sections you would have seen the link you could click on. So, if you have a couple bucks and want to give me a present today (not required) feel free to follow this link to my Polar Plunge page and make your donation to the Special Olympics of Minnesota. It's easy, it's painless, and those of you that donate will get your own very special thank you embedded in the Friday walks. If anonymity is your gig, feel free to donate from Anonymous.

The Wild won't be back in action until tomorrow night, against the Colorado Avalanche. They'll have to look out for newly crowned goon Nathan MacKinnon who got into a rare fight last night against Jonathon Ericsson of the Detroit Red Wings. MacKinnon didn't do terrible, but his choice of who to fight could have been better as Ericsson is definitely out of his weight class. A wiser choice for MacKinnon, would be to donate to my Polar Plunge page to benefit the Special Olympics of Minnesota.


Blind Melon, the original lineup is quite easily my favorite band on the face of this Earth. You don't have to click play, but you really should. Their entire first 3 albums are incredible and if you don't agree, well tough! It's my birthday and I'm right, you're wrong! If you want to be right, all it take is a donation to my Polar Plunge page.


Mike Doughty, re-imagines some classic Soul Coughing tunes. This one, my favorite Soul Coughing tune, and it's pretty great re-imagined as well.

At this point, I'm really just rambling for ramblings sake. I could easily lead you down the trail to the links. I could have done it right away, but where's the fun in that!? IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Ain't nothing gonna break my stride. Nobody's gonna slow me down. Oh no, I've got to keep on moving! A donation to my Polar Plunge page might slow me down. It might, break my stride. Guess you wont find out unless you take that metaphorical plunge yourself and make that donation to the Special Olympics of Minnesota. No amount is too small friends!

I'll leave you, with a Happy Birthday song, to me of course! Thanks for making it another awesome year in my life. I appreciate each and every one of you, even if you don't comment. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, for putting up with me and making Hockey Wilderness what it has become.

Wild News

Kuemper’s impending return creates awkward situation | ProHockeyTalk
Awkward? Naaaaaa. Dooby gets the starts. Kuemper, sit down.

Wild feeling optimistic despite indefinite loss of Matt Cooke -
Tough spot for the team right now. Having to sit for a few days between games is never easy. Especially when you're playing so good!

Wild players eager for revival of World Cup | Star Tribune
I personally always enjoy these sorts of events. It's almost like the All-Star game, but actual hockey instead of a circus.

Tending the Fields

Iowa Wild Snap Slump, Darcy Kuemper Grabs Shutout | Gone Puck Wild
Kuemper stopped 28 shots Wednesday night to bring the Iowa Wild a rare shutout win.

Mallards' Perry receives AHL call | Quad-City Times
The Iowa Wild may be getting a new face in the locker room.

On Frozen Pond

Read 10-year-old fan’s heartfelt hockey answer on school quiz | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Fuck Norm Green.

Top Ten Candidates For 31st Annual Minnesota Minute Men Mr. Hockey Award Announced - Minnesota Wild - News
The top honor for boys high school hockey players. This years finalist are pretty good.

Three north teams among top seeds in girls' hockey sections | MN Girls Hockey Hub
The North metro has some dominant teams in ladies high school puck.

The State of Gopher Hockey - Will the Gophers Miss the NCAA Tournament? - Wild Xtra
Which slide is worse? The Wild's winter slump or this Gopher hole the U of M find themselves in?

Gophers hockey: Connor Reilly's injury leaves scoring void -
The Gophers were slumping well before this happened. So, although it's not helpful, the team has been crap with him anyway.

Off the Trail

Grand Forks crowned 'America's Best Hockey Town' | Star Tribune
What!?!? It's not somewhere in Minnesota!?!? BLASPHEMY!!!

Evander Kane on IR; Byfuglien says misbehaving kids need ‘discipline’ | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Yup, sounds like a big winner. Martin Havlat 2.0 anyone?

Top 10 NHL team rivalries as of right now | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Is this a list of the last 10 games NBC broadcast on Wednesday nights?

Down Goes Brown: In praise of the Negative Value Guy
Think the Wild have a few of these on their squad.

With deep draft, 'it's a good year to be bad' in NHL | USA Today
You mean to tell me this years draft is deeper than McEichel?

Kimmo Timonen announces comeback with Flyers; ‘I kept hope alive’ | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
It's amazing what doctors (and a pile of money) can do these days.

Video: A rare fight for Nathan MacKinnon | ProHockeyTalk
Wunderkind Nathan MacKinnon in a fight? The boy becomes a.... slightly more aggressive boy.


NHL Recap - New York Islanders at Philadelphia Flyers - Feb 05, 2015 -

NHL Recap - St. Louis Blues at Buffalo Sabres - Feb 05, 2015 -

NHL Recap - Washington Capitals at Ottawa Senators - Feb 05, 2015 -

NHL Recap - Anaheim Ducks at Nashville Predators - Feb 05, 2015 -


Last time, I promise! Well, last time for this walk at least. Make your donation to my Polar Plunge page here, it's appreciated more than you could ever imagine.