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Goals Gone Wild: Minnesota's Top Goals of the Week

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The Minnesota Wild have played. Now you must vote. Here are the three best Minnesota Wild goals from this week. Check them out and let us know which one you think is the best of the best.

The Minnesota Wild scored six goals this week against the New Jersey Devils. Now how many of those made it into this post?
The Minnesota Wild scored six goals this week against the New Jersey Devils. Now how many of those made it into this post?
Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, inhabitants of the State of Hockey. We have reached the end of another successful week for the Minnesota Wild. Your Wild won two out of three games this week, which is pretty good if you ask me. Except that loss to Colorado was painful. Whatever, we're in fourth place and they're not.

But enough of wins and losses now. We have goals to watch.

Firstly, we have the winner from last week, Jason Pominville:

Jason Pominville vs. Washington Capitals

This was Pominville's second goal from last week, if you're keeping track.

Now onto our new goals.

Goal Number 1: Zach Parise vs. Carolina Hurricanes

Oh, Zach Parise. Always putting on a show. This goal was the result of some brilliant teamwork and passing by Jason Pominville and Mikael Granlund. I've noticed lately the Wild have gotten a lot better at passing the puck and actually working as a team, and this goal is proof of that. It's also proof that Zach Parise is always where he needs to be.

Goal Number 2: Jared Spurgeon vs. New Jersey Devils

Defensemen goals are always a lovely thing to watch. This one by Jared Spurgeon is no exception. Spurge gets a nice pass and doesn't hesitate to send a rocket past Cory Schneider. Schneider didn't even have a chance to stop that one. It's also good to see Spurgeon back to playing at 100 percent after coming back from an injury.

He also had a nice celly, in case anyone cares.

Goal Number 3: Jason Pominville vs. New Jersey Devils

This goal may have been credited to Jason Pominville, but they probably should've awarded the whole line a goal after this play. The passing on this goal was without a doubt more beautiful than the goal itself. I'm pretty sure I counted at least five different passes before Pominville finally put it in the net. This line just seemed to have some sort of telepathy during his play.

As I said above, I think the Wild are getting better at passing the puck. Yeah, this is pretty much all the proof you need about that.

The Wild might have only had three games this week, but they made some pretty plays in that period of time. Now it's up to you to tell us which one was the absolute best.