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Rumblings From the GM Meetings in Boca

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It seems that the NHL will move to 3-on-3 format during overtime according to multiple report from the annual general manager meetings in Boca Raton, Florida. This will resemble the current AHL model, which after three minutes of 4v4 overtime, they will reduce to three skaters aside. This, of course, is pending Players' Association approval, but by all accounts is expected to be passed.

The idea is to have more games end in overtime rather than the shootout, which was installed as a way to have a resolution to games after the 2004-05 lost season due to the lockout. On the NHL Network's nightly recap show NHL Tonight, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman maintained that fans still enjoy the shootout and that it remains an exciting part of the game. However, the players and coaches would rather have the game end in a more traditional hockey game fashion rather than a skills competition.

Other rumblings from the GM meetings

The salary cap ceiling, according to Commissioner Bettman will be at $71 million.

Other things discussed are coach's challenges for things like a puck over the glass and goalie interference. These are more judgement type calls, but would make for more correct calls, because as we've seen with the Wild, goalie interference calls go against the Wild in situations where goals have been disallowed or allowed depending on the call.

So what do you think about these rules recommendations coming out of Boca?