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Wilderness Walk: Beating the Best Edition

The Wild continued to set the pace for the wildcard race in the West by capturing 2 points against a top team. There are national writers referring the the team as the playoff opponent no one wants to face. Next up, the Washington Capitals at the X on Thursday.

Chris Stewart made a terrific pass to Charlie Coyle to tie it up in the 3rd in Nashville
Chris Stewart made a terrific pass to Charlie Coyle to tie it up in the 3rd in Nashville
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The wildcard hopeful teams continued to play well and #3 team in the Pacific struggled to keep the playoff picture cloudy and uncertain in the Western Conference.  A Calgary loss thrust Los Angeles into 3rd in the Pacific because of games played.  Calgary fell out of the playoff picture.  Vancouver rallied to beat Philadelphia.  The Jets drubbed the Sharks, so the Wild maintain their 3 point lead over Winnipeg and have a 4 point lead over the 9th place Flames.  The Wild control their destiny and continue to assert themselves against tough teams, and it continues to be tough moving forward as the stroll through Murderer's Row continues.  So far the Wild have answered the challenge and look to be gaining some swagger.

Meanwhile in Boca Raton, the NHL GM's made some recommendations for important and exciting rule changes heading into the 2015-2016 season.  They have made the recommendation that the NHL adopt the 3-on-3 overtime rule the AHL has been testing this season.  A period of 3-on-3 play follows 4-on-4 play in overtime before proceeding to a shootout.  In this model, everyone wins.  Shootouts, which are popular with some fans, are still possible while the game is given more opportunity to be won in team competition vs a skills competition.  Also proposed was a coaches' challenge that would allow a coach to request a video review on goaltender interference calls.  Both recommendations could be vetoed by the player's union, but should make things more competitive and fair.

We start the walk with the best music video of all time (#HotTake):

Wild News

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Hey Nashville, the Wild are in your head.

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Connor Mount takes a look at how Devan Dubnyk has pushed the Wild into the playoff race.

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This team sure has depth at the Forward position, and we're about to see that in full force as injured players return.

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On Frozen Pond

VIDEO: Police called to minor league hockey game after players, fans clash -
Even the fans have #gritz in Danbury

Off the Trail

Andrew Hammond, a.k.a. The Hamburglar, gets free McDonald’s for life | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
I have no words.

NHL general managers propose 3-on-3 overtime for regular season - - News
NHL general managers proposed a form of 3-on-3 overtime be adopted for regular-season play on Day 2 of the NHL GM Meetings

NHL coach’s challenge gets GM approval, with concerns | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
From Yahoo Sports: "We’re not going to do something fancy like throwing a flag or setting off fireworks," said NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.

Is the recent Nashville skid just a blip on the radar? - Along the Boards
More like a black hole.  You're welcome, signed Yeosie.

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