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Wilderness Walk: Game Day, Take 2

Brodin shoots? WHO KNEW?
Brodin shoots? WHO KNEW?
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, and welcome to the last walk I will ever write as an unmarried person!

In all seriousness, what a fun game? The Wild got outplayed for half the game by a pretty terribad team (albeit, score effects).

But- GOOD NEWS- seems like MLS is pretty certainly coming to Minnesota. So, if you like hockey on grass with a ball and more guys with lower scores... that's happening.

In any case, tonight the Wild take on the Islanders, so here's hoping they can pull out another big win. Head over to Lighthouse Hockey for all your Isles' needs.

Wild News

Minnesota Wild Three Stars of the Week | Gone Puck Wild
Ben Remington names the three stars of the week for the Minnesota Wild, and you'll NEVER believe who's #3!

Matt Dumba: Rising At The Right Time For The Minnesota Wild | Gone Puck Wild
Insert "Tony loves Dumba" joke here. Nah, kid's pretty good.

Saving Doobie | Wild Xtra
Ben Remington looks at the Doobie situation (and I don't mean Colorado (obligatory pot joke))

Wild stretches road winning streak to nine, beats Maple Leafs | Star Tribune
To call this a "grinding" win would be.... well, pretty correct.

Tending the Fields

Pavel Jenys To Sign With Iowa Wild | Gone Puck Wild
If you hate Vanek or Nino, you'll LOVE Jenyš. He's a -36!

Minnesota Wild Prospects | Gone Puck Wild
That Labbé kid seems ok, too.

Wild willing to sign draftee Lucia, who will mull his options | Star Tribune
Place your bets, PLACE YOUR BETS.

Graovac headed in the right direction | Minnesota Hockey Magazine
Oh, battery.

The Ice Hole

The odds are in Minnesota's favor for National Championship - Along the Boards
As the NCAA Tournament starts, the state of Minnesota has a 25% chance of winning the National Championship. Four of the final sixteen are Minnesota schools

Off the Trail

Ilya Kovalchuk Returning to NHL in 2016-17? | The Hockey Writers
Remember Ilya Kovalchuk? He is reportedly eyeing a return to the NHL for the 2016-17 season.

For Edina's Anders Lee, long way to NHL was the right way |

Dreger: ‘In Kessel’s case, I firmly believe he’s going to be traded’ | ProHockeyTalk
ONE OF US. ONE OF oh never mind.

Playoff watch — what the bubble teams need to do | ProHockeyTalk
The B's are in big trouble after a tough weekend in Florida.

NHL Weekend: A Trophy Up for Grabs |
If we don’t count shootouts (and we shouldn’t), the Coyotes haven’t won an actual hockey game since February 3. That’s almost impossibly bad.

Maple Leafs' 13-year sellout streak ends Monday vs. Wild | theScore
Insert "see how boring the Wild are" joke here.

The 6 greatest rookie seasons in NHL history | theScore
Amazing: no Wild players here.

NHL Power Rankings: Bruins, Kings losing grip; Jets taking flight | theScore
To give you an idea of how bad their goaltending was pre-Devan Dubnyk, the Wild are still ranked fifth-from-last in terms of 5-on-5 save percentage despite receiving Vezina-quality goaltending for more than two months.


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