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Wilderness Walk: Weathering the Storm Edition

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The Wild held strong through one of the most fast and furious barrages they have seen this season. The Isles proved to be the tough opponent we all expected, but the Wild held on for their 10th consecutive road win.

Dubnyk shuts the door.  Over and over and over.....
Dubnyk shuts the door. Over and over and over.....
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony LaPanta said last night that if you'd have only watched the first six or seven minutes of the game, you would have thought the Wild were bound to lose by double digits.  Though I don't always buy in to the preposterous nature of The Panda's statements, he wasn't far off.  You'll hear that the Wild "weathered the storm" from several places - that storm made the Wild look like Helen Hunt and Bill Pullman Paxton in the final scene of Twister, belted down to pipes anchored in the ground while the mighty twister destroyed everything around them.  But through a miracle named Devan Dubnyk, the Wild escaped the period holding strong and keeping the Isles off the board.  The Wild came back to life as the game wore on and earned their way into overtime by Parise #Gritz.  Once their legs woke up, the Wild played playoff caliber hockey.

That's the way you want your team heading into the playoffs - playing great hockey.  They held strong against a hungry and proven offense, and maintained through one of the most fun-to-watch overtime periods of the year.  Elsewhere, the Kings put down the Rangers 4-2, the Blues beat the Penguins in OT, and the Jets tangled with the Canucks in Vancouver and were not able to gain ground on the Wild as they fell 5-2.

The Wild get a much needed day of rest following the eventful back-to-backs, just in time to get ready for pivotal back-to-backs against the Flames and Kings at the X.  Both of those teams are battling for the 3rd slot in the Pacific and will be desperate for points.  We continue to get fun and meaningful games in the forecast.

And now we Walk.

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Tending The Fields

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Off The Trail

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