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Wilderness Walk: Game Day Edition, Take Two

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Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

It feels good doesn't it? You can feel it, right? It's the feeling of a team on a surge and within 1 point of overtaking Chicago for third in the division. ONE POINT! ONE POINT, PEOPLE!!!! Did any of you think this would be possible in January? I know I didn't as I pretty much had written this team off as a non-playoff team and was looking more toward the NHL draft.

Unfortunately though we can't celebrate yet because we have another tough game tonight. The Kings have been waiting for us and you can bet your tator-tot hotdish they'll be Hungry Hungry Hippos for those juicy two points to put themselves three points ahead of the Flames and back into the playoff race. Today is going to be another big day in hockey as far as the playoff picture is concerned!

Wild News

Notes: Wild's Fontaine, a Bulldog, has his day | Star Tribune
Wild players still care about college hockey and Granlund is worried about his sucking on the ice.

Thomas Vanek of Minnesota Wild scoring heading into Stanley Cup Playoffs - - NHL Insider
Vanek has been quietly piling on the points after a very rough start to the season.

Minnesota Wild: Hit on Justin Fontaine sparks scoring outburst -
So you mean to tell me that playing hockey started the scoring outburst and not #grit or #stickingupforteammates?

NHL Three Stars: Wild douse Flames; Atkinson tricks Chicago; Oilers shut-out Stars | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Another day; another star--amirite?

Tending the Fields

Minnesota Wild Prospects: Is It Time To Sign Mario Lucia?
It will happen--just maybe not right now.

Off the Trail

Phil Kessel tussles with David Booth in practice skirmish (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Kessel showing the Toronto media that he still has lots of #getafterit and #tryinghard

Will Patrick Kane return sooner than expected? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
I think I speak for everyone here when I say that I hope PKane takes his time getting back on the ice because I truly want him to be 110% before coming back. My unbiased advice would be for PK to take the rest of the season to heal up. Of course, even without Kane the Blackhawks still went 8-3-1 so maybe it doesn't matter...?

Why terrible GMs would love to raise NHL Draft age (Trending Topics) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
I have to admit it isn't an awful idea.

On the Pitch

Sizing Minnesota's New Soccer Stadium - Articles - Articles - Homepage - Northern Pitch
I hope a bigger venue doesn't change the atmosphere of the Minnesota United FC games because I've heard they're almost perfect right now.

Enemy News

If you feel like getting yourself educated on the Kings to you can intelligently hate on them today please visit our friends over at Jewels From The Crown. Also people, don't get trolled by the humorous and sarcastic people over at Battle of California. Be smart about it.