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Wilderness Walk: Day Off Edition

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Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Wild are getting today off before they have a home game against the Colorado Thugs. They will actually be eating dinner IN COLORADO while the Aves take on the Blue Jackets in Columbus. Ha, ha, suckers.

A lot of the following stories continue to center around the fantastic play of Dubnyk since he decided to wear the Iron Range Red and Forest Green. I've also included a few Colorado Avalanche links to get us pumped up for tomorrow's game. Anybody plan on going? I'm thinking about it if I can find a pair or tickets that won't break the bank!

On to the Walk...

Wild News

Wild continue tear, edge Capitals on two late Jason Pominville goals -
Chad Graff with last night's game recap

Can we give Devan Dubnyk an award or something for saving Wild? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
References to Star Wars AND Street Fighter? Can this article get an award?!?!?

Minnesota sports teams' title odds in every sport -

The Minnesota Wild's Goaltender Crisis
The same topic has been on a lot of our minds lately. Do you continue to run the hot hand and risk also running him into the ground or do you risk putting in two goalies that have not performed at an NHL level this season. I'd hate to be Mike Yeo when it comes to trying to figure out the best answer.

Mike Yeo, the Minnesota Wild and when the coach isn't the one to blame -
Dubnyk probably saved Mike Yeo's coaching job with the Wild but I'm sure we could EASILY find other things to blame Yeo about.

Super 16: Jaromir Jagr continues to cement place in history - Super 16: NHL Power Rankings
Jagre third best forward ever? More importantly: did the Wild make the Super 16?!?!?!?

Wild Coaches Receive Another Letter -  Wild Xtra- The Wild got yet another beautiful, heart-felt letter from a child.

Tending the Fields

Another First Round Bust - Minor Leagues - Articles - Homepage - Wild Xtra
Best of luck Zack Phillips in your future endeavors. You've joined an illustrious list of other failed first-round picks that have failed for the Wild. Which one is the worst though?

Off the Trail

Avs have score to settle in Sunday's road game against Minnesota - The Denver Post
Correction Coach Patrick Roy--18-year0old Nathan MacKinnon who is 18 years old gave HIMSELF a broken nose last Saturday. But, I'm glad you liked the way your team played against us--should mean another easy win for us.

NHL not worried by slow Las Vegas ticket drive | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Signs of another failed "Hockey in the South" campaign?

Islanders win 4-3, send Predators to 5th straight loss - Yahoo Sports
Forget catching up to the Chicago Blackhawks--we could TOTALLY catch the Nashville Predators! D.R.U.G.S. FOR EVERYBODY!!!!!

Avalanche's MacKinnon out 6-to-8 weeks with broken foot - Yahoo Sports
18-year-old Nathan MacKinnon who is 18 years old is out with a broken foot. I guess you could have read the title and figured that out though so...poly-wa-gooble-steed?

Dustin Byfuglien out 2-4 weeks with an upper body injury (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
What's this do for The Wall's playoff chances?