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Connor McDavid Loses 2015 NHL Draft Lottery

The much-hailed franchise player is the big loser in today's NHL Draft Lottery festivities, being exiled to the moribund Edmonton Oilers.

Where is your God now, McJesus?
Where is your God now, McJesus?
Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

After months of team executives maneuvering to optimize the odds of having the world's most magical ping-pong ball, we finally know the results of the 2015 Draft Lottery: Connor McDavid loses.

The much-anticipated moment- which had the potential to swing the balance of power in the NHL for the next 10 years- came to an anti-climatic end when the Edmonton Oilers were awarded the #1 overall pick in the 2015 draft.

McDavid wasn't deterred by this disastrous result. "It'll be an honor to be an Oiler. To put on that Copper and Blue sweater, knowing that you're the next in a proud, storied history of first-overall Oiler picks that didn't do jack shit in Edmonton, it'll be a feeling like no other."

While there is still a tiny flicker of hope that the Oilers will screw this pick up, like they did countless times before, it's almost not worth considering. The hype surrounding McDavid is so great, his potential as a franchise player so obvious that even the defending Stanley Cup Champions and President's Trophy winner decided entering the Draft Lottery fray was preferable to making the playoffs.

"No question, we're taking him," Craig MacTavish said. "When you get yet another chance at frustrating your fanbase by squandering a superstar's career, how can you pass that up? A guy like McDavid, you could really build a flawed, perennially-underachieving team around him for the next 10 years."

"It's truly an incredible roster that I get to be a part of," McDavid added. "Looking up and down the depth chart, I see guys like Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle, and I think to myself 'Wow. I'm so excited to play with the garbage Craig gets in return when we trade Hallsy for peanuts.'"

"This is the moment that every coach dreams of," interim coach Todd Nelson said. "We're incredibly excited to get this rare opportunity to fuck up a generational player. And I think this is the team to do it, I really believe that our culture of losing is strong enough to overcome every good quality that Connor will bring to the team."

McDavid is equally excited to have an unhealthy relationship with his new coach. "I've been aware of Todd for some time now, and I really have the utmost respect for his failure to develop young Oilers. There's no one I'd rather have leading me as we struggle to live up to unrealistic expectations in my first few years in the NHL. I can't wait to be blamed for his firing."

While some critics will point out that this does nothing to fix the Oilers' defensive woes, MacTavish has few worries. "Are there teams better than we are defensively? Yes. Are there AHL teams better than we are defensively? Possibly. A lot of teams have defense, but let me ask you something: How many of these teams are on the precipice of pissing away the promising careers of four number one overall picks? I bet it's not many."

Despite the odds being stacked against him, McDavid knows that he has a Herculean task ahead of him.

"People will make jokes, but you can't listen to them. You just gotta focus on what your goal is. And right now, my only goal is to try, and fail, year after year, to single-handedly drag this shitty, unbalanced team to a playoff spot. At least until I'm 27, or have accrued 7 seasons of service time."