Matt Dumba Wants You to #LaughAtOtt!!!


It is time Minnesota Wild fans! Time to unite! To stand tall against those who have been placed in this series with the sole purpose to harm us! It's time we come together, with one loud, booming voice, and declare...

You're hilarious Steve Ott!!!

That's right, laugh! When Ott's out there gooning it up, laugh at is prepubescent attempts to agitate! When Ott is skating with the puck and he punts it, laugh at his futility to hockey correctly! Follow Matt Dumba's lead everyone! If you're at game 4, and you see a white #9 take to the ice, you laugh right in his ugly face! There's only one reason that clown is taking the ice anyway! For OUR amusement!


So laugh Minnesota Wild fans! Because when somebody is that bad at hockey, you really can't help but to anyway!

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