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Wilderness Walk: Elimination Game Edition

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The first elimination game of the series is upon us. The scheduled as been changed and the Minnesota Wild will be playing at 2 p.m. today. The winner of this series was decided last night as the Chicago Blackhawks won their Game 6 to a score of 4-3. Poor Perds. Usually when you chase a goalie from the game you end up winning but I guess that was not to be last night.

In a bit of randomness yesterday, I was taking my daughter out for ice cream after the Regional Science Fair and I ran into Mike Yeo's son. It was funny because one of his friends noticed I was wearing my Wild hat and asked if I knew Mike Yeo. Because the question was one I wasn't expecting I said "No, not personally but I know of him." This kid--probably thinking I was on drugs by that point--points over to a group of his friends and says "Well, that guy in the black jacket is his son."

I simply nodded at him and said I hope the Wild win tomorrow. So I got to experience all the awkwardness and weird introductions of high school kids all over again!

Just to switch gears a little bit I would like to ask that you keep the people of Nepal in your thoughts. As you may have heard a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Kathmandu, Nepal and it is estimated that some 1,800 people were killed. This death toll is expected to continue to rise in the coming days. I personally have a friend who was married there four days ago. He and his new bride are safe but currently everybody is out in the streets because people are afraid to enter buildings due to the aftershocks of the earthquake.

Wild News

Minnesota Wild lean on Devan Dubnyk to set up clinching scenario | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Who chokes more today? The Wild at home in a clinch-game or the Blues not winning the series?

Surprise pieces come up big to swing momentum back to Wild | Star Tribune
Souhan being his usual positive self.

How A Goalie Sees Dubnyk - Minnesota Wild - Articles - Articles - Wild Xtra
Nice write-up on Dubnyk's performance from a goalie's perspective.

Wild History: The Best And Worst Of Game 6 - Articles - Articles - Articles - Wild Xtra
Running down our past Game 6 performances.

Off the Trail

Detroit Red Wings at Tampa Bay Lightning - 04/25/2015
Wings take the series lead 3-2

Washington Capitals at New York Islanders - 04/25/2015
All tied up at 3s.

Nashville Predators at Chicago Blackhawks - 04/25/2015
The Blackhawks win this series and hopefully their opponent will be decided today.

Vancouver Canucks at Calgary Flames
This game is still in progress as I wrote this but seriously...two Canadian teams, does anybody here really care?

Just kidding, here is your stupid Canadian recap. Spoiler alert: Flames win and will face Anaheim Ducks in the semifinals.
Vancouver Canucks at Calgary Flames - 04/25/2015