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Goals Gone Wild: Minnesota's Top Goals of the Week

The Minnesota Wild have played. Now you must vote. Here are the three best Minnesota Wild goals from this week. Check them out and let us know which one you think is the best of the best.

Thomas Vanek scored against the New York Rangers, but is he deserving of the top goal of the week?
Thomas Vanek scored against the New York Rangers, but is he deserving of the top goal of the week?
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Hello and happy Friday, fellow Wild fans. This hockey-sparse week has come to an end, and we have a few new goals to take a look at. Unfortunately, your Minnesota Wild didn't play a whole lot this week, so our goal selection is a bit limited.

However, all goals are good goals when they're scored by your team, so let's get to the goal-viewing.

Last week's champion of pretty goals is Chris Stewart with this nifty shot:

Last week's winner: Chris Stewart vs. St. Louis Blues

So that's still pretty terrific, but I think we can do better this week.

Goal Number 1: Mikko Koivu vs. Calgary Flames

Oh, Mikko. I don't know if you're all aware, but I think Mikko Koivu is pretty spectacular. This goal is also pretty spectacular. This line of Koivu, Niederreiter and Stewart have just been incredible lately, and this goal is a really good indicator of that. Stewart and Koivu have some nice passing to take the puck down the ice before the Captain just pops the puck right behind Ramo. It was such a simple move by Koivu and he made it look so easy. Plus it helped build up the Wild's lead, and that's always a good thing.

Goal Number 2: Zach Parise vs. Calgary Flames

Zach Parise just gives 110 percent every night. Honestly, this guy is insane. He just seems to make everything happen.

Here, Parise does some work in the Wild's zone before picking the puck up, hustling down the ice, and pushing it right past Ramo. Not only was this the Wild's fourth goal of the game, it was the goal that ended Ramo's night and gave Minnesota a little extra cushion, helping them to eventually defeat the Flames. Good goal, better celly.

As they say, Parise's worth every penny. If you don't believe that, here's your proof.

Goal Number 3: Nino Niederrieter vs. Los Angeles Kings

Are you noticing a trend yet? Like, this line of big bodies scoring a lot of goals this week? Yeah, these guys are the real deal. I'm not quite sure how Mike Yeo decided to put them together, but I'm really glad he did. In this game alone, these three guys scored all of the Wild's four goals for the night, with this being one of them.

This was Niederreiter's first goal of the night - a rarely seen power play goal. Shortly into the man advantage, Nino tipped the puck in past Martin Jones and gave the Wild some energy.

Alright, so I warned you at the beginning there wasn't all that much to choose from this week, but we still have some pretty goals to choose from. The Wild have a tough schedule from here on out, so hopefully we'll continue to have some nice goals to look at before the season ends.