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Wilderness Walk: Loser Point Edition

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Stop me if you heard this before: the Wild get a ton of power play opportunities but fail to capitalize on almost all of them.

The failure of this team to rack up goals on the man advantage has been KILLING this team this season. Not as much as shoddy goaltending but its definitely the second biggest handicap of this team throughout the season.

Well that was a long shootout and a cruddy chance to gain another point in a tight playoff race to try and keep the 7th playoff spot. I only caught bits and pieces of the game last night but wow does this team look different toward the end of a game in which its either tied or within one goal without Koivu on the ice and taking the draws.

The Winnepeg Jets are now just four points behind the Wild in the playoff race. It also happens to be that the Wild will play the Jets Monday night for its last game in the Xcel Energy Center.

Kind of a slow newsday this weekend because of the holiday I'm sure. Happy Easter today everybody!

Wild News

Wild Wary Of Letting Up With Playoff Spot Not Quite Secure " CBS Minnesota
This team can't afford to give up considering the last three games of the season are against the top three teams in the Central Division--the toughest division in all of hockey.

Mikko Koivu of Minnesota Wild out with eye injury
This team missed the Kaptain late in the game. From the Yeo presser it seems like he has a scratched cornea but should be good-to-go for Monday.

Wild's clinching scenarios tonight and how next week's trip is shaping up to be dramatic | Russo's Rants |
A quick look at the rest of the week and what it could mean for the Central division. I can guarantee Central teams will be cheering on the Wild to beat other Central teams. Should be interesting.

Off the Trail

Team USA women take fifth world championship in six years with win over Canada | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Now to do this in the Olympics!

Alex Ovechkin’s legendary future (Trending Topics) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

Is Alex Ovechkin not appreciated enough in the media? Is it because he's Russian? I'm not saying it is but if you were too take a hard look at the media you might find that. Or you might not--I'm not trying to create bias. I'm just trying to ask the hard question on why the media hates Ovechkin because he's possible lazy and Russian. #hottake

Scott Gomez fined for elbowing Alexei Emelin in the face (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Vigilante justice!