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Exit Interviews: Marco Scandella

The offseason means the end of Wild games, but for the players, the work is never done. With Exit Interviews, Hockey Wilderness takes each player and reviews their season, highlighting what we liked seeing from them over the year, and pointing out what can be improved to take the next step next year.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome, Marco. Please have a seat.

First off, we want to express how pleased we are with your development over the past few years. After setting career high with 17 points last season, you've come in and improved to 23 points with 11 goals. Well done. You've established yourself to be an important cog in the Top 4 of our defensive core and I know Mike trusts you in high pressure situations. You did well, along with Jared Spurgeon, on controlling play. An on-ice Fenwick For percentage of 53.06 is very good and we're pleased to see those numbers from as a defenseman. Marco, you finished with 112 shots on goal. This has been a focus of the coaching staff as they've wanted the defense active in the offensive zone and you responded well, and were rewarded with nice point totals. Keep up the great work and we're hoping for better next season.

Expectations for Next Year

Ultimately we just want you to continue to grow. Let's see how high you can get with your point totals. If we can get into that next level of point totals like the 25-30 area, I think we'll be quite pleased. Keep shooting. We like your shot a lot and we want to see it more. I would like to see your shot total go up again next season. Let's aim for 125 shots. We noticed and up-tick in penalty minutes as well. We love the edge you played with and noticed the increased aggressiveness, but you were suspended for a few games. In fact, the suspension came just 10 days after you received a fine from the league. We're looking for more discipline, but don't lose that edge.

Offseason Homework

We need you to continue with your weight lifting regimen as we want you to get bigger. Even at 24 years old, there's still room on the frame for more muscle. We need you to be the guy that protects the goaltender in the defensive zone by getting guys out of the way. Ultimately, we would like to use you on the power play to change things up for next season, which means more ice time for you. Make sure your conditioning is top notch so that you can endure a heavier work load. Lastly, keep shooting. You're one of our team's best shooting defensemen and we need you to always have a shooter's mentality in the offensive zone. Sure, Matt Dumba has the shot that brings people out of their seats, but you have more chances and will need to cash in on them to reach your goals for next season.

We were pleased with your season, and look forward to next year. You've established yourself as a vital member of our defense, and we are going to need more from you and from everyone to get where we want to be next year.