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Wilderness Walk: Something Something Dark Side Edition


Aaron Holm

By now sports fans, you've read plenty of postmortem dissections of the Wild and their disaster in the second round. I wont be bugging you with any more of that business. Instead we will turn our eyes to the respective conference finals as well as the offseason business at hand.

Ah, yes. The conference finals. Just 4 teams remain and Wilderness, I can't tell you how much I really don't give a crap about any of the teams left. With the Rangers vesting the Capitals in OT Wednesday night, all my give a crap about these playoffs went out the window faster than musicians fleeing a woman in a wedding dress. Will I still watch? Yeah, for sure. I certainly won't feel like I have to stay up late for those games in Anaheim.

So we turn our sights to the draft, free agency and all the madness that surrounds our favorite parts of summer. Now I ask that you not get drawn in by all the hype. I've already started to see some pretty awful speculation around the social media sites out there. Oshie coming to Minnesota for starters, YAK! Or how awesome would it be to see Niskanen in a Wild sweater despite the fact he has 6 years left on his deal in Washington and a 5.75 million dollar cap hit to boot.

Just don't kids. Don't wrap your heads around some crazy deals that just aren't going to happen. Don't allow yourselves to be pulled into the hype surrounding bringing players here when the situation surrounding them makes it logistically impossible. Understand that a lot of our veteran contracts are going to be viewed as venomous to other teams and Fletcher is not prone to be giving up his future for any random deal out there.

Give yourselves some time to decompress. We all like to pretend we're the GM from time to time, just take a vacation from deep analysis for a bit, recharge the batteries and we'll hit this thing at full force in the near future.

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Tending the Fields

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