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Wilderness Walk: Slow News Day Edition

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Not a lot of talk of the Minnesota Wild as news outlets have shifted past the "end of the season" articles and on to the rest of the Stanley Cup playoffs. I did notice a lot of talk about Russo's epic blog yesterday so I linked that below here as I somehow missed that one. Sorry folks!

Wild News

Wild's offseason: What happens next? -
The article that should have been linked yesterday.

Off the Trail

Playoff scoring at 3-year low in NHL this season - Yahoo Sports
Lot's of people are freaking out about this. There has even been talk of increasing the goalie net size.

Report: Just Sabres, Leafs formally file paperwork to speak to Babcock | ProHockeyTalk
And then there was three...

Watch Alex Ovechkin help eliminate U.S. from IIHF worlds (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
By all rights this should have never happened. Ovechkin should still be playing in the Stanley Cup Playoffs if the Caps didn't chock down the stretch. Too soon?

Ducks vs. Blackhawks Series Preview - Minnesota Wild - Articles - Homepage - Wild Xtra
Another great series preview from our friends at Wild Xtra.

Game Recaps

Tampa Bay Lightning at New York Rangers - 05/16/2015
I think the biggest question is how long can the Rangers continue to win 1-goal games before their luck implodes.