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Wilderness Walk: Territorial Pickings Edition

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Now that both conference finals are underway, it's more depressing as the Wild are not in it. Amazingly, Crawford didn't look nearly as super-human as he did versus the Wild in Game One against the Ducks.

I won't be lamenting the fact the there is no more hockey 'round these parts for some time. Instead, get excited as we continue on with the Hockey Wilderness Exit Interviews and today we start up our staff mock draft with the Oilers on the clock for today.

Any ways...not a ton of Wild news as the fall-out from the season's end has subsided a bit. Instead, Team USA took home the bronze medal in the IIHF World Championships, while Canada beat Russia for the gold. Charlie Coyle had a goal in yesterday's third place game, which was his third goal in five games since joining Team USA. He had a solid showing in the tournament with the three goals and two assists for five points in his five games. Mind you, the games were played on Olympic-sized ice and the checking was not nearly as tight as the playoffs. Couple that with a change to wing rather than center and it made for a much simpler game for Coyle.

For today's music selection, because I enjoy the harder things in life, we picked Nirvana, because, who can hate Nirvana.

Let's go for a Walk.

Worlds Recap

USA beats Czech Republic for bronze medal at IIHF World Championship -
USA! USA! USA! Charlie Coyle netted USA's third goal and helped them earn the bronze medal.

Canada downs Russia for gold medal at IIHF World Championship -
Yeah, Yeah, yeah...Canada is the best...

Coach's Corner

Suitors keep calling for Babcock (Update) | ProHockeyTalk
The is almost as bad as the Brett Favre retirement waffling.

Other News

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Conference Finals Recaps

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