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Exit Interviews: Justin Fontaine

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Our Exit Interviews series continues with Justin Fontaine.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Well Justin, you proved to be a really important player for us down the stretch and put up some vital points in the hunt for a playoff spot. We knew you could do it all along. Let's not get hung up on who scratched who a few times so they could ice Stu Bickel for 3 minutes a night or anything like that; this meeting is supposed to be about how you played this season.

Although you didn't get a lot of minutes on the nights you were dressed and rarely played with the team's premier forwards or on the powerplay you still put up a very respectable 31 points in 72 games. In fact, you had one of the most productive 5v5 seasons in franchise history:


You took a big step in your overall game in your sophomore season becoming a far more complete two-way player and you showed your versatility in playing a lot of different roles and with a lot of different linemates. We're very happy with how you grew over the course of the season and we look forward to you being a solid part of our middle-9 depth going forward.

Expectations For Next Year

Next season, as an established player and being older than a lot of the other players on this team, you'll be expected to step up and be a strong presence in the room. On the ice, we want you to continue to develop your defensive game and try to demonstrate value on the PK or even the PP if you get a shot.

There's no reason why you can't be a 40+ points player next year as long as you play a good two-way game and earn the minutes. This could be your breakout season.

Offseason Homework

1) Keep working on your conditioning and fitness so, if you are required to play a bigger role next year and eat up more minutes, you'll have the stamina to do it.

2) As a smaller forward, getting stronger can't be a bad move.

3) Get some compromising photos of Mike Yeo or something so he stops screwing you over.


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