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Wilderness Walk: Farcical Aquatic Ceremony Edition

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Aaron Holm

So ....

How's it going Wilderness?

Yup, it's still the offseason. Will this ever end?

It's funny really. When I mention my longing for the month of October to some of my less enthusiastic for hockey buddies, who like most people love the nice weather a Minnesota summer can bring, they look at me rather oddly and some threaten bodily harm. It's not that I want to just skip the summer months, I just want meaningful Wild hockey again. Is that so wrong?

Ducks won last night, now hold a series lead 2-1 over the Blackhawks. Lightning are up over the Rangers 2-1 and play tonight. Blah, blah, blah ....

Keep checking back today as we continue our Exit Interviews Series as well as our Mock Draft. Just because the season is done, doesn't mean we are folks.

Wild News

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Off the Trail

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