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HWP 034: Sweep the Leg, Jonny Toews!

Coping with a playoff exit as best as we can.

Did Devan Dubnyk lose himself a whole lot of money this offseason?
Did Devan Dubnyk lose himself a whole lot of money this offseason?
Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, sure, the Wild got swept. But that’s not going to get the Hockey Wilderness Podcast down! Or, rather, it’s going to get them down, but they’re going to try and joke about it to make it better. But in the process, Joe, Chris, Alec, Tony, and Ben Remington of Wild Xtra touch on some really important stuff.

*How on earth could a team this good get swept?

*Do the Wild need to fire Mike Yeo?

*How can the Wild take that next step?

*Can the Wild find a superstar?

*How much money did Devan Dubnyk lose this series?

You can find Ben Remington’s work at Wild Xtra, and make sure to head over there for offseason Wild coverage (after stopping by Hockey Wilderness prior, of course). The season is over, but the Hockey Wilderness Podcast need sleeps! We’ll be back throughout the summer, too.

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Thanks for a terrific season, and we’ll see you soon!