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Wilderness Walk: Weekend Edition

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Just because the Wild's season is over doesn't mean Hockey Wilderness is going on hiatus. Stay with us all year round because unlike the Minnesota Wild--when we disappoint you it's actually funny!

Wild News

Minnesota Wild: Five reasons they were eliminated from Stanley Cup Playoffs - Blackhawks vs Wild - 2015 SCP Second Round
Amazingly "didn't score enough goals" isn't one of the reasons.

Even Vanek admits he let the Wild down | ProHockeyTalk
At least he agrees with the majority.

What is the Most Miserable Sports City?
It's a top 5 list. Where do you think Minnesota/Minneapolis/St.Paul falls?

Jimmy Fallon presents NHL Playoff superlatives, dubs Ovechkin a Bond villain (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Our favorite Wild player shows up in this video!

Did Mike Yeo overplay Ryan Suter and Devan Dubnyk? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Doobs was due to return to earth concerning his numbers. Suter doesn't need to play all the minutes he has recently and he sure as heck doesn't need to be on the PP1 team.

Tending the Fields

Wild prospect Lucia won’t turn pro, but isn’t planning on testing free agency | ProHockeyTalk
I don't trust you Lucia!

Off the Trail

Rozsival injury puts Chicago blue line that much more under the microscope | ProHockeyTalk
Gross injury when you watch it in slow motion

Chicago Blackhawks: Five reasons they advanced to Western Conference Final - Blackhawks vs Wild - 2015 SCP Second Round
Sadly, the "we sucked ass for a few years, got some high draft picks, and now we are good again because of it" was not a reason.

For the Blackhawks, sweeping the Wild satisfying but only means they're halfway there - Yahoo Sports
The Blackhawks swatted the Minnesota Wild like a pesky fly and are now focused on the next step. At least they get a bunch of rest in between rounds.

Mike Babcock officially hits the coaching free agent market | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
How many Strib commenters will be clamoring that Mike Babcock will be coming to Minnesota?


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Washington Capitals at New York Rangers - 05/08/2015