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Free Agency Landing Spots for Devan Dubnyk

A quick look around the league to try and establish interest levels in signing Wild savior Devan Dubnyk.

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With recent reports of a slow start to negotiations, the door to Devan Dubnyk's free agency is creeping open. By all early accounts, Dubnyk was happy playing in Minnesota and had hoped on returning. However, the money-pit of free agency is always a temptation for players and their agents. If Dubnyk did dip his toe in the free agency, how many teams would actually be interested? Would there be a bidding war that drove him out of Minnesota's price range?

Let's take a look at the goaltending situations around the league to establish the possibility of Dubnyk going to each team. Remember, it only takes one very interested team to drive up the asking price.

(All salary figures are courtesy of

Ana a5fa2696b3137ddaf62463dfb3b72ca75d956de26e9ac45287788ab9811e933eAnaheim Ducks- The Ducks just made a conference final run largely on the back of Frederik Anderson who is locked up for another year. No.

Ari 304187fedd6d525a8d2429bac0bf04a8119301e32b4f2d956ea7a1067689d0a5Arizona Coyotes- Mike Smith is signed for four more years with a cap hit of $5.66 million. With top prospect Auston Matthews looming for the 2015-16 draft, this team has no intention of winning games in the short term. No.

Bos 48e7e8e1510a8549be7255acdbb29a647742b745b4be5cdcc011d51e2d5ef4e6Boston Bruins- Tuuka Rask. No.

Buf 6b9fc0e07ecc3a27453154447727ca01a117de75cc2dd8e155824dde39f32feeBuffalo Sabres- The only goalie Buffalo has under contract entering next season is Chad Johnson, so it's clear they will be looking to bring in a goaltender. Chances are they re-sign Matt Hackett, but they will still be in need of a legitimate number one option. With the recent hiring of Dan Bylsma, and franchise center Jack Eichel coming to town, the Sabres rebuild could be accelerated by a couple of years.

On the flip side, would Dubnyk want to go to a team that is likely not ready to compete for another 2-3 years? Playing for a rebuilding team in Edmonton was a disaster for Dubnyk and Buffalo could be a very similar situation. Possible.

Cgy 0a052da9dd71f2d9f8c70f94f7bededbc6f94f43721993b909310c1b812faebdCalgary Flames- The Flames have Jonas Hiller signed for one more season with a cap hit of $4.5 million. They have the cap space to sign Dubynk to be their goalie of the future after next season, but I find it unlikely he wants to go to a team with an already established #1 goalie. Probably not.

Car f91d3c2c5783a6b10853aa0cb3c9efcabd13942e1ad3a9b45d2e208a63c1291cCarolina Hurricanes- Cam Ward has one year left on his disastrous contract. Anton Khudobin also has one year left on his contract. The Hurricanes could theoretically bury Khudobin in the minors next year to clear space for Dubnyk, with Ward backing him up. The Hurricanes were a very solid possession team in the last half of the season, and could be a surprise team on the rise next year. Locking up a solid starter for their bright future would seem a wise move. Very possible.

Chi c465f416a4f00e0d96949080a787bea6d2059262c05d5f43e55f41edb2db899fChicago Blackhawks- They've got Crawford, possibly another cup, and no cap space. No.

Col 856113e0ec73945350f694a20fa2e5feb83272bedecd893ee0ed56c3c5239ca1Colorado Avalanche- Varlamov. No.

Cbj 4adc9c00361043ab3c0b6cb34650a6c528addddd4b01b0838ec942354de859c6Columbus Blue Jackets- Bobrovsky. No.

Dal 43cd349be5d07dde894e65e4f111f9985105f8ffa3c619b7df1f071b3a705b13Dallas Stars- Kari Lehtonen is coming off a forgettable year and is likely on the decline. The Stars would undoubtedly like to solidify their goaltending position. Unfortunately for them Lehtonen has a limited no trade clause that kicks in this year and he is locked up for three more years. Their goaltending solutions will likely come in the form of a low cost lower upside backup. No.

Det 410d5dceaa13d36daa567b2a1bf10171d8f9b83d4a5690b4691b7b9ec802ddf6Detroit Red Wings- Jimmy Howard is locked up for four more years and youngster Petr Mrazek will be challenging for the number one spot. No.

Edm 51ca8e68a112c93ca2e506a331919848bb8147114d7c6316fb2bec122e24fe5fEdmonton Oilers- Before the draft lottery, the prospect of Dubnyk going back to Edmonton would have been laughable, and is likely still a long shot. However, the allure of generational talent Connor McDavid is not to be underestimated. Possible.

Fla 7ce5aa01a2f315260f3f7d217dd82ceeafbb853d1a8cbb5bb206e9f40a4dc14aFlorida Panthers- Luongo still has five years left on his contract and has shown little in the way of decline. No.

Lak 2078a80ada3b581e0dab7ea02e444855099f7daadf3eb399cd890c384d648dfeLos Angeles Kings- Jonathan Quick. No.

Mtl 0dd2cc387d94e047cb33570a562263ac8b252c94f91570e246d2df7d85297799Montreal Canadiens- Carey Price. No.

Nsh 10721efd2cfca4abcdb8a1579ec655e46bc2b275b022b8b10ad2458ca44d723fNashville Predators- Pekka Rinne. No.

Njd 400e561929e3e354bad804e601715f645b4d4958497d398bc2f4e201ee01a810New Jersey Devils- Cory Schneider. No.

Nyi 57f96af052ae18addd41b67ba822f6beb6daa6e0b56863f7eda3a6d33d9efe30New York Islanders- Jaroslav Halak had a solid first year for the Islanders and has three years left on his contract. No.

Nyr ee5a6d4d5690ab12e0f060736c698880266a4fa30d5eb10e73f468c9291e9255New York Rangers- Henrik Lundqvist. No.

Ott 1c056326f80b8db262430635a2ef883d44f9308de30b90a94509e9f0a1c6ef0bOttawa Senators- Craig Anderson, Robin Lehner, and Andrew Hammond are all under contract entering next season. The Senators will be looking to unload goaltenders, not acquire them. No.

Phi 507e88890fd70d12193a4e90fda3ca43750c077a7d42459ce62e424a50c307bePhiladelphia Flyers- The Flyers have Steve Mason signed for two more seasons and he is coming off a respectable year. They finally have some semblance of stability in net, so no need to mess around here. Unlikely.

Pit 69edc12f22af71d047972c3d9e0b7e6fa7ce2cbe624b0d3a2f9430d2d875106dPittsburgh Penguins- Marc-Andre Fleury. No.

Sjs c3202a1c013990cf6d9c49e3936c6fe539604cacecda41066aa99cc1981da5bfSan Jose Sharks- Antti Niemi seems poised to enter free agency, so that leaves backup Alex Stalock as the only goaltender under contract for the Sharks. New head coach Pete DeBoer demands responsible, positional hockey, not too dissimilar to what the Wild play. The window for the Sharks may only be open for another couple years, and so a solid goaltender is a must. They have ample cap space and would have no reason not to go after the best goalie available. All in.

Stl f7675496605c0de73eecb6075fd4384bcc91aefef164bc666f26715ae205c221St. Louis Blues- Brian Elliot has two years left on his contract, and they are likely to re-sign RFA Jake Allen. No room here. No.

Tbl 4b8f27f1ea9d933ed32c8a06f4a787c964cd751c5c2b4cb1fcf2aac8ddc66be0Tampa Bay Lightning- Ben Bishop. No.

Tor e79ff5b444a3a6fc8bf6943aab0ed26d6577596f0986ab81de9fbeeebfc022d0Toronto Maple Leafs- They have the cap space, but chances are they bring RFA Jonathan Bernier back and that leaves no room for Dubnyk. Even with Mike Babcock, this team likely doesn't plan on seriously competing for a few more years. No.

Van 473370f2add1c2880a658f69794cf40b57166ca553b057b6b7f90fdbc8b5b1d2Vancouver Canucks- Ryan Miller has two more years left at 6 million. No.

Wsh 30c77dc560a38d483fcb9ce0fae948d15b4d755c8821fac307e3322b9095d137Washington Capitals- Braden Holtby. No.

Wpg 71dd6c37bc7df55b63cf6cd74f53a1307ea3da7e6e8186356e4fdd6b20d30825Winnipeg Jets- At first glance the Jets seem like a possibility, but they have a slew of players to sign over the next couple of years. More importantly, they are determined to go down with the Ondrej Pavel-ship. No.