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Wilderness Walk: Best Of Three Edition

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Game 5 of the Stanley Cup playoffs is tonight in Tampa Bay. The series is tied 2-2 so this finals matchup is now a best of three series. As the NHL playoffs come to a close so does most of the Wild news and really once Dubnyk is signed there probably won't be any specific Wild news for awhile until closer to the draft.

Wild News

Wild Need a Backup Plan if Devan Dubnyk Doesn’t Re-Sign
Does running around with our head cut off count as a backup plan?

The Season In Ten Games - Game 6 - Articles - Articles - Homepage - Wild Xtra
Great game to make part of this 10-game series. I actually remember this game and the types of comments on this board ahead of this game. It was a lot of "do-or-die" mentality at the time and for good reason.

Minnesota Wild Release 2015-16 Preseason Schedule - Minnesota Wild - Articles - Homepage - Wild Xtra
Start planning your calendar early!

2015 Wild Draft Preview: Sleepers & Steals | State of Hockey News
I personally think the Wild should just draft the highest scoring forward in the Canadian Hockey League. The highest scoring forward will be determined by the total points scored in their 17-year old season in the CHL. I heard that it's actually a pretty good strategy.

Stanley Cup Playoffs

Bishop didn’t practice today, but ‘don’t be alarmed,’ it was all part of the ‘plan’ | ProHockeyTalk
There is more machiavellianism in the Ben Bishop ordeal than all of the House of Cards series.

Steven Stamkos of Tampa Bay Lightning in goal-scoring drought in Stanley Cup Final - Lightning vs Blackhawks - 2015 Stanley Cup Final
Goal scoring drought? Sounds like he needs the "Bringer of Rain"

Other News

Buffalo Sabres considering buyout for Cody Hodgson: Report | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Hodgson should have had elbow surgery after the season to avoid the buyout. It's a good strategy.

The Chicago Blackhawks Are Scary Good At Drafting And Developing
Yeah...more praise on how damn awesome the Blackhawks are... #notbitterbutbitter