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Wilderness Walk: Tick Tock Edition

With the completion of the Stanley Cup Finals, GM's are on the clock trying to sign their own pending free agents before free agency opens on July 1st. Expect some Dubnyk news over the next two weeks as that situation develops.

Free agency will be quickly upon us
Free agency will be quickly upon us
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

So, the Blackhawks won the Cup.  Again.  Great.  We're over it.  Moving on and moving up.  Ready for the fireworks, though that may not be what happens in Minny this offseason.  We know that the salary cap is a heavy issue for next year with the Wild's current situation.  What we don't know is whether GMCF will put his faith behind the youth's improvement to put us over the top, or if big changes are coming in order to keep moving the team forward.  Or, maybe there's that one sneaky move Fletch has up his sleeve that will be the difference.

The good news is that those answers are coming.  And soon.  The draft is just over a week away on June 26, and Free Agency opens July 1.  We should have a pretty good idea before the draft how this team will look heading into the 2015-16 season.  Nothing like the thrill of anticipation.  We Walk.

Wild News

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On Frozen Pond

Mike Reilly informs Blue Jackets he won't sign, hits free agency -
Reilly has narrowed the list to 2 or 3 teams (read: 1. Chicago 2. Chicago 3. Chicago)

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Thanks Nate, as always.


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You can't make this stuff up.

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This is a strange tradition. But I like it.

Free Agency / Draft

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Goodbye Bickell, Sharp, Oduya, Richards....

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And other trade rumors

Off The Trail

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From Yahoo Sports: "You know how awesome the Hawks are? It sounds messed up but it’s true: They got black people lovin’ hockey. Ain’t that something?"

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Where oh were will the Yotes be next year?