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Wilderness Walk: The Offseason, Day 4 Edition

The offseason is 4 days old. How are you coping?

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Good morning Wilderness! Welcome to another Friday edition of Ye Olde Wilderness Walk. Yesterday we saw a little movement with the squad. It appears Chuck Fletcher is trying to free up some cap space as this new deal with Devan Dubnyk looks like it's going to cost a few extra pennies. This comes at the expense of one Matt Cooke, who was placed on waivers yesterday and will be bought out today if he clears.

I'm torn here. On one hand I'd like to see him picked up, so the Wild aren't on the hook for even a portion of his remaining contract. On the other hand, I don't really want him in the league anymore either. Flip a coin, right? So we got that going for us, so everything is good. Right?

Something I find more than troubling however, and forgive the terrible transition here, but since I've been putting these Wilderness Walks together, We've come to see a share of tragic national events. Events that vibrate across the country. What happened in Charleston... I don't even have words for such a blatant, racist act as what has occurred in South Carolina. Fortunately, Jon Stewart has my back here. If you missed his show open last night, you should probably give it a viewing. Bob Collins at MPR sums it up nicely and closes with the embedded youtube video.

Wild News

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The Wild awaken from a deep slumber and prepare to dump some salary in front of another push to re-sign Devan Dubnyk.

Tending the Fields

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Gotta love Alex Tuch!

Off the Trail

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Offer sheet Bernier!

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I've seen a few people tossing around Malkin. Guess you can throw that out now.

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A costly plan b if things go south with Dubs.

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Why not spend a little coin, right?


Predators won't enter NHL Draft until 55th pick - The Tennessean
Poor Nashville...

Buffalo Sabres face tough decisions at 2015 NHL Draft after likely pick of Jack Eichel - 2015 NHL Draft
Apparently the NHL didn't see that Buffalo would use their second 1st round pick to take Daniel Sprong.

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Could the Panthers be making a play at the top of the draft?

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Is the 10th overall selection on the trading block?