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Wilderness Walk: Getting There....

The Draft is a day closer, and we near the knowledge of who the Wild will add to their team next year.

In other news, the US Women's National Team is doing well... but will be shorthanded, as two players are banned from their next game against that familiar old foe China.

But, alas... TO THE NEWS!

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Wild News

For Fletcher, A Critical Summer | Wild Xtra
A look at the situation facing GMCF, and how he could make or break the Wild.

Finding A Gem Late In The First Round | Wild Xtra
Giles looks at who has been picked late in the first round in drafts past.

10 For #20: Nick Merkley | Wild Xtra
aw, heck, I'd love to draft him just to call him "Merker the Lurker"!

Wild updates: Trades, goaltending, Mike Reilly and more -
A little of this, a little of that in no order whatsoever:.

Tending the Fields

Wild Will QO Bulmer and Knight, May Trade Blum | The Hockey Writers
Looking like even more turnovers in Iowa, and I don't mean pastries.

On Tap

Ranking the top goaltenders at the NHL Draft (5-1) | theScore

Anyone interesting here for the Wild?

Off the Trail

Report: Blackhawks in early talks with several teams about Sharp, including Capitals | theScore
Sounds like the Wild are shopping Nino and Zucker to get Sharp... Thoughts?

Avalanche's search for left-handed defenseman could spark O'Reilly trade | theScore
Well, GOSH, can we interest you in Nate and Bickel for ROR???

NHL Free Agents: Puck Daddy's top 20 forwards hitting unrestricted market | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Could the Wild be interested in #2? Not a bad cap hit...