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Wilderness Walk: #BecauseItsTheDraft Edition

It is time...

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Smell that Wilderness? Smells like fresh meat. It's too early for a barbecue, but if you are that Sir or Ma'am who is at 8 in the AM, and you've got a rack of ribs going while you're reading through today's Walk, you know how to party way better than me.  Not that it's a competition or anything. I'm an easy target in such contests anyway.

No, friends that smell of fresh meat in the air is your 2015 NHL Draft Class! I'm not breaking any news here, but tonight is the NHL Draft, thing. Now I know some of you may be a bit hungover from last nights Timberwolves draftin' a couple of guys to do Basketball for them or something, but it's time to turn your focus to something actually interesting.

The Mock Drafts are registered, polls have been taken and rumor on the street is your Minnesota Wild hold the 20th overall pick. It's your final chance to play predictor in the comments section under the fold. Who do you think they draft? Who will fall down the draft board and land at 20 tonight?

Stick around as we'll be blanket-like, or maybe more blanket-adjacent-like in our coverage leading up to tonight's big moment. I look forward to the twitter explosion when the Wild take Colin White later (not an endorsement).

Now enjoy Les Claypool and Primus performing at Woodstock in '94 which is sadly enough, older than all these kids getting drafted this weekend are.

Wild News

Minnesota Wild schedule released for next season -
The schedule was released yesterday. It's glorious.

Granlund's agent, Fletcher say sides aren't far apart in contrack talks -
And as we know, when you have what seems like good news, it will somehow turn out to not go as well as planned. #BecauseWildHockey

On Frozen Pond

Minnesota Golden Gophers Hockey 2015 - 2016 Full Schedule Announced - The Daily Gopher
The Gophers will be back on the ice October 10th. That's also the night of the Wild's home opener against the St. Louis Blues.

Off the Trail

NHL rumor mill: Offseason speculation on trade candidates, UFAs -
Rumors can be fun on draft day. Beware of the fake twitter accounts breaking news though.

Report: Avs feel they have ‘no choice’ but to trade O’Reilly | ProHockeyTalk

Puck Daddy's 11 can't-miss dates of the 2015-16 NHL season | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
So, like, mark yer calendars en stuff.

NHL Awards Ballot: Greg Wyshynski reveals his 2015 votes | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
In case you care.


After McDavid and Eichel, intrigue at the NHL draft begins with the third pick - - News
It really does. I'm far more interested in what happens with the Coyotes at 3 than with anything else today.

Shanahan: Any deal in play for Maple Leafs ahead of draft, including Kessel - - News
Shanahan seems eager to screw something up.

Lightning looks to continue trend of hidden gems in NHL draft | Tampa Bay Times
Bunch of jerks. Why can't we do that!?

College hockey's impact on NHL continues to grow - 2015 NHL Draft
College is taking over the Pro's!