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HW Staff Mock Draft Pick 30: Brock Boeser

With the final pick of the 2016 NHL entry draft, the Tampa Bay Lightning select...

The draft is here! It is 0 days away, and we finish here with the final pick of the draft.

The Tampa Bay Lightning are proud to take, with the last pick in the 2015 NHL Entry draft first round, Brock Boeser from Waterloo of the USHL.

The Building Storm

The Tampa Bay Lightning are built well, and are set to be deep for a good long while in the future; they have no significant position of need in terms of prospects, with a lot of promising players across the board. Bowser gives them flexibility in position, as he has played both on the Wing and down the center, as well as some size and some scoring ability that could turn out to serve them very well.

Who is Brock Boeser

Boeser is a 6'1", 195 pound forward who has committed to the University of North Dakota next year. He has a natural scoring touch, and is offensively very strong, netting 35 goals and 33 assists in 57 games for the Blackhawks (of Waterloo). His physicality and strength help him keep possession of the puck, and he is strong along the boards. His hard shot and quick release help him score as well as create rebounds, and also mean he can dish the puck extremely well too.

The one knock on Boeser is his skating- he is not particularly quick skater, and often looks like he is working very hard to go medium speed. In addition, he needs to work on the defensive side of his game- he sometimes disengages in the defensive zone and has an occasional problem remembering not simply to skate to the puck, but to mark his man.  Even with those weaknesses, Brock has a high upside and could be a prolific scorer in the NHL.

How He'd Fit with the Wild

A big, physical center who can score? Nah, the Wild are full up! Even with the skating problems (hello, Zack Phillips), Boeser would be worth taking a flyer on as a secondary choice (or trading down in the draft to accumulate more picks). This is especially the case if all the Wild's top-choice guys are gone by pick 20. If the Wild like Boeser, they should have no problem getting him, and could gain a pick or two in the process of trading down.

Oh, and I forgot to mention: he is ONE OF US, hailing from Burnsville.

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