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Wilderness Walk: No Game Today Edition

Take a break kids, no Stanley Cup Final game tonight as the Hawks (biters) and the Lightning (bitees) take a break from action for an extra day.

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports


It's Friday y'all and you know what that means!

Anybody got any big plans for your weekend? See a movie maybe? I will be spending a few extra dollars on Entourage, despite the reviews of it being just a really long episode. (Ummmm, duh! That's what I'm expecting) Besides that, a little yard work, maybe a bonfire, a little game 2 action on Saturday. But you're not here to hear about my weekend. You want all the latest Minnesota Wild news you can find! Hate to break it to ya, there ain't much there.

Wild News

No contract talks between Wild and Brodziak, says agent | ProHockeyTalk
The non-signing we all see coming. Maybe the Wild brass will surprise us, who knows.

2015 Wild Draft Preview: Defenseman | State of Hockey News
With the Wild drafting defensmen in the opening round the past 3 tries, will they shoot for offense this go around?

Reilly plans to meet with Wild, among others -
Mike Reilly is getting a head start on free agency. The former Gophers defenseman arrived at the NHL Combine in Buffalo, N.Y., on Wednesday to meet with a handful of teams through Friday.

Tending the Fields

Mallards set table for many returning players - Quad-Cities Online: QC Mallards
The 2015-16 Quad City Mallards could look a lot like the 2014-15 Mallards who made the ECHL playoffs

Off the Trail

Konopka considering playing again | St. Catharines Standard
Oh boy!

Ron Wilson named U.S. junior team coach -
Ron Wilson, where have I heard that name before ...

Russo: Updates from NHL Competition Committee -
A few changes to the NHL being discussed.

Ron DeGregorio to step down as president of USA Hockey after 12 years - - NHL Insider
Ron DeGregorio will step down as president of USA Hockey on Saturday after 12 years and four terms at the Board of Directors meeting in Colorado.


With Connor McDavid at top of list, Edmonton Oilers hope latest No. 1 pick kicks rebuild into motion - 2015 NHL Draft
By rebuild accelerator, I can only assume they mean the rebuild will actually start to show signs of life.

The evolution of the NHL Draft Combine -
There has been lots of change in the NHL Draft Combine since its inception in 1994. Sportsnet's Gare Joyce takes a look at some of the changes and similarities since.

2015 NHL draft profile: Lawson Crouse, the year's most polarizing prospect - Broad Street Hockey
Is Broad Street Hockey a fan of our mock draft selection of Crouse for the Flyers? Well, they don't answer that, but see what they think of the guy anyway.


NHL -- 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs - Andrew Shaw carries on unsavory biting tradition -- Flem File
If Andrew Shaw did indeed bite Victor Hedman during Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals, it wouldn't be anything the NHL hasn't seen many times before.