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Wilderness Walk: This and That

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Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

There is (you guessed it) a bit of this and a bit of that in today's walk. Nothing groundbreaking, but a check in from Russo, some jersey speculation, etc. etc.

Wild News

Jersey Alterations - Minnesota Wild | Wild Xtra
Giles looks at what could be with the Wild's uniforms.

Wild updates: Haula, Hockey Day and an updated depth chart |
Dat Defensive Corps...

Off the Trail

Quebecor submits expansion bid for NHL franchise in Quebec City | theScore
Ah crap, now we have to learn French.

Las Vegas files bid for NHL expansion franchise | theScore
Ah, crap, now we have to go to Vegas (I have no money, so I can't do anything there).

Martin St. Louis on retiring: 'It was the easiest tough decision I've ever made' | theScore

Report: Seattle group still pursuing arena despite not making bid for NHL franchise | theScore
$500 Million team pricetag was an issue... No surprise there.

It's a light news day, but that's to be expected. So: The Wild are going to trade Zach Parise. Who do you realistically see them getting back in return?*

*note: Obviously this isn't going to happen. PLAY THE GAME.