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Wilderness Walk: Thirsty Thursday

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We're all thirsty for hockey news in the State of Hockey.

Duby quenches his thirst.
Duby quenches his thirst.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Well folks, only 78 more sleeps until opening day.  It can't come soon enough, especially when the Twins are regressing and football season is dangerously close.  I digress.  Expansion is the hot issue around the league with speculation of an additional team joining the NHL in a couple years, but also maybe a potential landing spot for the Coyotes, who still don't know where they may be playing next year (still likely Arizona).  In the State of Hockey, we continue to wait for news on the Erik Haula arbitration case and we won't likely have an update until a deal happens or the hearing begins on July 31.  We don't know if there is a large dispute or if this is a clever way for the team to open up the second buyout window.  We do know the team is uncomfortably close to the cap and would love to find a way to free some dollars.

While we wait, we can give you some updates and some seriously funky music from the greatest one-man-band on the tour circuit, Zach Deputy.  Let's Walk.

Wild News

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Never too early for #HotTakes about the upcoming season

Tending the Fields

Wild Announces Affiliation With Quad City Mallards - Minnesota Wild - News

On Frozen Pond

Wild: Development camp gives U frosh Jack Sadek a head start -
For the better part of a week, Jack Sadek was running all over.

Off The Trail

North Dakota angers fans with Fighting Sioux replacements | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
UND North Stars... That sit well with anyone?

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Grantland ranks the strangeness of each team's offseason, starting in the West.

The Forgotten Issue of NHL Expansion The Hockey Writers
One issue of the utmost importance relative to NHL expansion that is often overlooked is an issue which I have come to define as Quality Dilution.

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This is a really OLD article but a good read nonetheless.

Top 10 NHL Legends Who Never Hoisted Lord Stanley's Cup The Hockey Writers
These 10 stars won a plethora of hardware in their lives, but the Stanley Cup managed to avoid them for their entire playing career.

Sabres re-sign F Larsson to one-year deal - Article - TSN
Johan sticks in Buffalo

Can young NHLers be trusted? - Article - TSN
Let's ask Mike Yeo.

Taylor Swift cost Blackhawks a goal by distracting Patrick Kane | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
This is too funny.

Red Wings' Pavel Datsyuk expects to miss start of season -
Detroit Red Wings forward Pavel Datsyuk does not expect to be ready for the start of the 2015-16 season.