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Wilderness Walk: ... edition

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Wilderness, we are deep in the doldrums. There's little news, and what news there is isn't good (see: shootout).

The good news: Minnesota United has won their second game in a row, are sitting in good position to set themselves up for the end of the season, and have just generally played really well. This change has been led by off-season signing Kalif Alhassan and the resurgence of last season's leading scorer Christian Ramirez.

OK, back to hockey. After one more detour: enjoy the wonderful work of Mr. Leonard Bernstein.

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Wild News

Off the Trail

Bettman: NHL 'would have to consider' putting Quebec franchise in Western Conference | theScore
This just in: Bettman is a doody-head.

'The shootout isn't going anywhere,' says NHL commissioner | theScore
And he's a cotton-headed ninnymuggins. *Pouts in corner*

NHL arbitration: 6 players remain scheduled for hearings | theScore
The time is growing short. What do the Wild do with Haula?

Fun Game:

Who is your dark horse candidate to be a surprise player for the Wild this season? No Parise, no Nino, etc. etc. Mine: KERANEN. You heard it here first.