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Wilderness Walk: Bad News Edition

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Well, Wilderness, if yesterday was the day of no news, today is the day of bad news.

4 people died in a plane crash in the city where I live- we don't know who yet, but any and all thoughts/good vibes would be welcomed.

To make matters worse (and in order to transition to hockey), one of the best running jokes regarding a Wild player's name is dead... see the links for more.

For our musical selection, Joe and I got to talking about the music we listened to back in the day, and here is one of my favorite tunes from Middle School:

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Wild News

Wild To Feature On NBC/NBCSN A Dozen Times in 2015-16| Wild Xtra
So, that's a thing.

Matt Dumba Ruins A Good Joke, Goes Back To #24 | Wild Xtra
A moment of silence for DUMBA55...

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal was supposed to be in 'The Mighty Ducks' | theScore
The REAL twist: Joshua Jackson would have ended up being Donnie Darko and that guy in Jarhead...

On Frozen Pond

Help wanted: High school refs and umps |
Here you go, person looking for some more money...

Off the Trail

Summer Stock: San Jose Sharks | Wild Xtra
Well, you know, hataz gonna hate, and Shorkers gonna shork...

Every NHL Team's Top Prospect | The Hockey Writers
This was an interesting choice...

How the NHL Can Revive the Expansion Process | The Hockey Writers
Reports say the league was disappointed at the small number of applications they received. How can they fix this?

Rangers rewarded Stepan for playing ‘big in the big moments on the biggest stage’ | ProHockeyTalk
Thoughts? good deal? bad deal?

Avs ink former first-rounder Hishon to one-year deal | ProHockeyTalk
Looking to become a full-time NHLer after suffering a series of injuries at the start his pro career.