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Wilderness Walk: Making the Save Edition

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Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

The Walk is late, and it's my fault. I got home late from a rehearsal for a show I'm playing in Eau Claire, and forgot to do the Walk.'s roughly 30 minutes late, which I say is a pretty decent save. Right?

Some interesting news today, including Wild development camp announcements, and YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE who is getting paid $7.5 MIL....

Video today is another tribute to the Women's World Cup team. Clearly, Hope Solo used this as inspiration.

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Wild News

An Early Look Around The Central Division | Wild Xtra
Charlie takes a gander around the Central Division to see who the Wild will be battling this season.

Central Division: Strengths and Weaknesses | The Hockey Writers
Central Division Preview # Dos.

Wild announces Development Camp roster, scrimmages at the X -
DEVELOPMENT CAMP. I'll be there on Tuesday! Who's a-gonna join me? Also: Joe will be there Saturday.

Wild's Backstrom says elbow injury had nerve damage |
Backstrom has nerve damage, which stinks. He thinks he can come back from it, which seems unlikely. All-around sad/bad situation for all involved.

Off the Trail

Top 5 value players left on free-agent market | theScore
What're the odds the Wild grab Oduya? Oduya think they have the room??? #Pun

What We Learned: The case for Ryan O'Reilly's contract | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
On numbers and ROR.

Oilers taking Schultz to arbitration | ProHockeyTalk
Hey, I'm sure the Wild would take him.... if they had the cap space.

The Winners and Losers From NHL Free Agency |
I'm confused: Wild won free agency this year by getting Reilly. Why is this a discussion? #HangAnotherBanner