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Wilderness Walk: Prospect Camp Edition

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The 2015 Wild Development Camp opens up today, bringing together *most* of the promising youth in the Wild's system, featuring open (and free) scrimmages on Saturday and Tuesday at the X.

Alex Tuch is a serious guy, and a serious talent.
Alex Tuch is a serious guy, and a serious talent.
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

For a brief moment in time, the future becomes the present as the only active members of the Minnesota Wild are the the men and boys who will one day become our NHL team.  Prospect camp opens today, offering fans a glimpse of what is to come and a great chance to check out the advancement of recent draft picks and free agent signings.  There are a lot of new players on the roster to check out such notable players as 2015 #1 pick Joel Eriksson-Ek, free agent Mike Reilly, new import Pavel Jenys, and old friend Alex Tuch amongst many more.  The team provides you the opportunity to see the future evolving up close and personal with the free scrimmages on Saturday at 2:30 and Tuesday at 6:30 at Xcel Energy Center.  It provides every opportunity for fans to dream of what is to come.

Enjoy it now, this is the last action before the abyss between now and the playoffs.  I apologize for the lyric video, but the song is apropo of the moment.  Let's Walk:

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