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Wilderness Walk: What Time Is It?

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Holy cow did I oversleep. Luckily for me in the time this post was supposed to go up to now there has been ZERO new news on the Minnesota Wild. Just kidding! There is Minnesota Wild news but it's not the fun kind. News broke yesterday about Wild assistant coach Darryl Sydor being arrested on two charges of drunken driving. Our very own Overlord Joe Bouly wrote a great article yesterday detailing the events. I suggest you check it out if you haven't already.

Wild News

3 Question Marks Minnesota Must Answer The Hockey Writers
I can't say that I disagree with any of the marks in this article. The biggest key to next season I believe is going to be in the internal improvement on key players.

3 Minnesota Wild Players That Must Get Serious This Season The Hockey Writers
Again, The Hockey Writers, are hitting it out of the park as they examine the Minnesota Wild. I believe this next year is the official year of "Bust or Not" for Mikael Granlund. The guy is getting first line minutes but producing like a third/fourth liner.

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Minnesota Wild’s Future Leaning Heavily on Devan Dubnyk’s Success - RantSports
Honestly, with our defensive depth, we just need Dubnyk to be slightly above average and consistent. We don't need the miracle run he had when we traded for him. To be perfectly honest, I can't wait to read the Star Tribune comments when Dubnyk doesn't post a .997 save percentage like many of those people expect him to.

Wild assistant coach Sydor charged with drunken driving -
Sad, sad news.

Tending the Fields

Iowa Wild Hockey: News Releases
Baby Wild problems are solved!

Off the Trail

NHL Expansion Process Moves Forward | The Hockey Writers
The NHL's expansion process is moving forward with both Quebec City and Las Vegas moving one step closer towards securing franchises in the league.