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Wilderness Walk: Making a Deal With.... You Know

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Not to whine, but this has been a crazy week. Partly because it's homecoming week where I work, and partly because I have a 30 minute commute where I used to have a 2 minute drive, and partly because... well, things are nuts.

Suffice to say: I left my house at 6:15 yesterday morning, and arrived back at 10:45 at night. Today it was 6:15 and 6:15... hopefully tomorrow will be less than a 12-hour day!

In any case- thanks to bjvcampbell for covering the walk for me yesterday- he's a good dude.

The music for today? The vocal track to a great song, and yet while the singing is phenomenal... there are other things going on too. Like slide whistles.

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Wild News

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Tending the Fields

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nice, dude.

Stick Tap

VIDEO: 12-year-old recreates Toews' water bottle trick shot | theScore
Again, my question is the same: how many takes?

Off the Trail

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